Is anyone else disgusted with Madelinetosh yarns??

yoyobon_gwMarch 26, 2013

Let me say that I love the Madelinetosh yarn for it's fiber and tight twist . It is delightful to knit with.

HOWEVER......after knitting nearly a dozen projects with it I am truly disgusted with their sloppy dyeing.
As a rug hooker and dyer of wools I understand the challenge and chemistry behind putting color on wool.
But.....please !
The MT folks need to get some skills in dyeing.

One color can be any number of hues and values.....and some are a completely different color entirely !!

I feel that they should start naming their yarn colors
CrapShoot 01, CrapShoot 02 ........

I refuse to have to alternate these yarns and most patterns require two skeins.

Yet I know there are many knitters who revere MTosh yarn and will say "yes, but....".

I say...."Yes , but.....they are charging nice prices for their yarn. The least they can do is try to learn to dye color names consistently."

Is anyone else feeling this frustration?

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I agree. I feel that at the price, it shouldn't be so tedious to produce a garment. I have 5 skeins of MT Pashmina and thought I had done a really good job of selecting matching skeins. Unfortunately, after adding my 2nd skein, I found my skeins are wildly mismatched. I have now swatched all skeins and find that I have 3 light, 1 medium, and 1 darker. The differences were not perceptible until I swatched. Now, I am left with crappy options: (1) rip and re-knit with 2 skeins alternating rows, (2) find 2 skeins of different colors of coordinating yarns and make strips in sweater, or (3) knit with what I have a then re-dye it myself. BTW, I'm making Vitamin D - it's a lot of fun to knit, except for the yarn issue.

I think for me the answer is I will only purchase MT for small projects, not for adult-sized garments.

Thanks for sharing your frustration - it made me feel less alone with my current situation.

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It is like that children's story about the King's clothes.
No one had the courage to state the obvious....that he had no clothes !!

I suspect it is the same thing with this Mtosh yarn.
Everyone wants to love it.....and for the most part it is lovely particularly the tonal colors that have variations of one hue.
But when those folks at the dye pots start mixing colors they really show their lack of skills..

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