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SuppaMarch 24, 2005

I was wondering whether anyone regularly buys yarn on eBay (and whether you'd share with us what you've found).

I've had mixed results on eBay. The first time I bought yarn on eBay, I was dazzled by the yardage - over 1,000 yards for under $10. When it arrived, I realized I'd missed out on A LOT that I take for granted at yarn stores, such as the width and feel of the yarn and the fiber content. My first purchase ended up being 1,000 yards of very fine, almost dangerously rough acrylic. I've since used it a lot (1,000 yards!) in combination with other, softer yarns.

Another failed experience: a beautifully soft merino (I started paying more attention to the descriptions) that cost $8 for three 250 yard skeins. I started making a difficult curly scarf from the book "Scarf Style," which required short rows and size six needles. After what seemed like ages, I finally finished the scarf. I proudly sported the scarf ONCE and a friend quickly pointed out in disgust that the long curls looked like intestines - the color of the yarn was a dull flesh color that I hadn't noticed during my enthusiastic welcoming of the bargain yarn. Now, anything I make with this "flesh" yarn looks frightening next to my skin, as though I've developed a knitted growth on my body.

Ah, it feels better to share.


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I have purchased yarn on ebay and I have been happy. But I have only purchased yarn I "know", so I have not been disappointed. This was yarn I was familiar with, but the color was not available in my neck of the woods. I have often been tempted by some of the seemingly low prices, but once I add in the shipping it usually is not a real bargain. After hearing your experience, I'm sure I will continue to only buy yarns I know something about. Thanks for sharing. I do buy lots of patterns on ebay, though.

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I haven't seen many bargains on ebay for yarn or needles. By the time you add in shipping, you can do just as well buying from an established Internet company or at local yarn stores with less risk involved. I did buy a set of crochet hooks, through, which were very nice, but I don't think it was a "deal." Could have done just as well at Michaels.

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Sounds to me your problem is with you not ebay nor the seller.
I have never bought yarn listed on ebay....but have done a lot of mail order yarns. As with buying anything mail order....you have to read the description carefully.
Linda C

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I did buy a circular needle set for $13 including shipping. It is circa 1950's, and I've used it for lots of projects.

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Suppa, would you be able to dye the merino a less anatomical colour, do you think? A shame to waste all that work......

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Yes! Dye it with Kool Aid!

I have bought a lot of yarn via ebay. Mostly it's as described, if it's not you can always ask the seller to accept a return. My *very* favorite was a lace weight merino in pale green, made such a lovely shawl from it. Also cotton chenille at *much* less than retail. And name brand sock yarns. You just have to watch and be careful.

Here is a link that might be useful: Kool Aid Dyeing

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I buy a lot of yarn through eBay, but before I do, I check the seller's rating, and read through the feedback comments that have been left. You can learn a lot about how satisfied people were with the yarn as advertised.

Read the information carefully also... I haven't had a bad experience yet!

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And I buy lots of patterns on ebay.

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i have always had great experiences & good bargains buying yarn from ebay! i have bought name brands and brands i am not familiar with, both with good results!! i really like to bid on discontinued colors or yarns that i can not get in my local area. guess i'm just lucky that way!!

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I have bought a lot of yarn on eBay, but carefully check the seller's feedback rating. I love getting handpainted yarns there, which would not be available in my LYS (local yarn store) in the same colorways..

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Have you heard Weird Al's "Ebay"?

It put a smile on my face, even after I was grossly misled by one seller who didn't mention, or photograph, the damage to the article. This has been the only adverse experience, so far.

I don't buy yarn but I am seriously tempted with a lot of other merchandise. My son, who is also an Ebay buyer, says it is addictive (speaking from experience perhaps) and that I should give up cold-turkey (obviously not speaking from experience).

I think that with a lot of items, such as yarns, it pays to look for brand names. There are heaps of very cheap yarns around and, if you have no knowledge of what you are buying, you could end up paying more for them on Ebay than you pay in the bargain stores.

And you have to wonder about some manufacturers. I have seen one multi-coloured yarn that really looked like vomit. It must have looked like that to other customers as well - it didn't look as though anyone was buying it.

Anyway, must go and check My Ebay.

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LOL i think i've seen that yarn!! ewwwww!

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JUST wondering if anyone buys at;

http://www.auctioncities.com/ ..... has been on line for a little while and has lots of patterns

http://fleavenders.com/ .... This site is so new that I do not remember any patterns or yarn. But I did bookmark it.

with ebay going to the bigger stores I was looking for the small seller wanting to sell at a low price. I think one of you said you could buy the yarn at a yarn store for the same price. I found some yarn on ebay but did a check and it was a store. Then I went locally and found it at the same price. But have had good buys in the past on ebay.


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I have bought much (too much!) yarn on ebay, but it always yarn I already know. Have always paid less (even with shipping) than at LYS or internet store, but I usually am buying high end stuff I couldn't otherwise afford (Noro). Also did very well with vintage patterns.

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I bought yarn, patterns and both crochet and knitting needles at ebay all without problems and all much cheaper than the stores, even factoring s&h and car/bus fare. (I buy mostly yarn I know and NIP)

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