weird heat pump noise

andrelaplume2March 31, 2011

hey guys...I got a year old Trane 14xl...if I recall correctly. I have heard it make the SSSSSSSHHHHHHhhhhhhhh noise now and then this winter...the one that seams to come from outside the house... but tonight and maybe a few times over the last few days I have heard it make a more violent noise with more of a rubbing noise....maybe like turning a rusty spicket off. I've heard it 3 times tonight. The temp outside is 36 degrees, humidity is 86% and its rainy. The weather has been of the type where it feels a little warmer than the degrees would have you believe.

Is this noise normal. Should I have the installers out to check it out? What could it be?

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well, the sssssssssshhhhhhhhhhhh noise is when it exits defrost mode and goes back to regular heating cycle.
Sometimes it can be louder than others when coming out of a long defrost.

If it doesn't always do that I wouldn't worry about that.

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