Anyone have 'Knit 2 Together'? Confused re: Santa Cruz Hoodie

bayareafrancyMarch 8, 2009

I want to make the Santa Cruz hoodie from the book Knit 2 Together. However, I am very confused about how the sizes are listed, and how the yarn requirements are listed. So I have no idea how much yarn is needed, or how much to cast on, or what measurement goes with what.

Basically, total confusion! :-)

I can be more specific if anyone has the book...

Btw, I don't have the whole book (maybe she explains all her terms elsewhere in the book)--just a xerox for the hoodie.



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Yarn requirements are only a guide. You could need more. I do not have this pattern, but are you experienced in reading patterns? What is the problem? Can you write out verbatim where you are confused? Then we can help.

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I finally figured it out!

I was thrown b/c she uses a string of size numbers plus greater than/less than symbols. Then, the yarn requirements follow, and the commas and symbols made it hard to figure out how much yarn for each size.


I was surprised to see (once I finally interpreted it) that the yarn requirements only differ by 3 balls for a size 6 kid sweater compared to a size 42" adult sweater. Only 3 balls (I think it was 15 vs 18)?

Now I just need to find an appropriate super bulky yarn (easy for me, but hard for my son--so much of it is very fluffy and/or shiny. And no bulky wool ease--way too itchy. And machine wash only. And cheap! etc. etc. etc.)



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I just picked up my copy that I got from the library. That really is confusing, not only because of so many sizes - with the adult sizes separated by but with two colors of yarn, and amounts for each color, too.

Instead of a bulky yarn, you may want to consider knitting two strands together to get the right guage. That will give you more yarn choices.

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