input on hvac system replacement in central tx

austinmark3March 19, 2012

We are in central texas (outside Austin) where the summers are long and hot. We have a 2450 sq ft single-story home.

The home, and HVAC systems, are 14 years old. We have two systems - one serving the bedrooms (smaller unit) and one serving the other living areas (larger unit).

I believe one is 3.5 ton (Corsaire FAFF-043JAZ) and the other 2 ton (Corsaire FAFF-025JAZ). I got these model numbers off the outside units.

The larger unit has a leak in the evaporator coil. I obtained a quote from a local HVAC outfit last year:

Install a 3.5 ton 16 SEER/13 EER (410A) American Standard central A/C heat system with an American Standard High Efficiency Gas Furnace, included with the installation is a programmable thermostat, secondary drain pan, drain line safety switch, condenser slab. Manufacturer warranty: 10 years compressor, 10 year parts and 1 year labor.

Outdoor model #4a7a5042e1000a

Furnace model #aud1co80a9h41b

Indoor coil model #4txcd050bc3hca

Purchase Price: $5200.00

Less American Standard instant rebate -$500.00

Cost of system $4700.00 plus tax


10 yr American Standard extended warranty $575 plus tax

Field controls in duct UV Aire- 18 UV light (Kills mold, Bacteria, Influenza and viruses in the indoor coil.

Cost $350 plus tax

High Efficiency 4 inch filter and filter base.

Cost $325 plus tax

I think we'll be in this home for at least 5-10 more years. I'd like something which is both high quality and efficient to operate.


Above is 1st quote. I'd like to get more quotes. Any recommendations what I should ask for?

How competitive is the above quote?

Of the 3 options (in-duct UV light, extended warranty, 4" filter & base), which would you recommend?

Thanks in advance for any and all input!


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Hi Mark,

I have been in the HVAC for 4 years so I will give you my best opinion, I do both residential services and installs in California. The only thing I can't give you specificly on is pricing due to the cost of living. So getting another bid is a wise choice. American Standard is a good brand, probably one of the best in my opinion as long as it is installed per manufacture. The quality is way better than other brand. I serviced thousands and thousands of units and I am totally in love with American Standard or Trane (Same company). Beside brand, what you also need to consider is the contractor that install them (Which is the most important factor). Make sure they are licensed and have insurance. A bad/hack install will give you alot of problems down the road. Go with your instant feeling when choosing contractor, Does he seems honest? Is he pushy? is he legit? Big company doesn't mean that they will do a good job, it all come down to the people who put it in (which is me :-). The company might be legit, the sale guy are nices, but what about the installers? So my advise to you is be nice to the installers, treat them with respect. Make sure to offer them drinks. The 4 inch media filter is a must. This thing is so good at capturing particle/mold/ that it is just amazing. Make sure you get the HEPA 4 inches filter. Since you are getting a new evap coil, It would take awhile before it grows bacteria, so in my opinion, UV light is something you can wait until later on. Extended Warranty? That's totally up to you. Good luck Mark, Remember it is not the brand, the company, the sale guy, IT IS THE INSTALLERS! By the way I used to live in Austin Texas, right over there by I35 and Palmer Lane. Just moved to CA about 4 years ago.

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