Grandbabies Christmas Pics are IN!!

bill_vincentDecember 29, 2005

I got some pics from out west today, and wanted to show em off!! First, the BABY. This is Jasmine (Jazzy). She's the youngest of the bunch, and the one I told you all about a few weeks ago that I get into screaming matches with as to who's the BABY and who's the BOSS!!

This next pic was taken right after she openned a gift that I sent to her addressed as TO: the BABY-- FROM: the BOSS. My son (seen in the background) told me when it was handed to her, she SERIOUSLY thought that it was a present from HER to ME!! Once she found out it was the other way around, this is the look she got on her:

If you right click on the pic, and click on "save as", you'll see the name her mom and dad gave to the picture-- it says it all-- Papa's gonna get a whuppin next time he comes out there!! LMAO

This next one is my grandson Johnny, who some of you will remember that I took on his first fishing trip last summer. The whole time I was out there, all he talked about was needing a landing net to go with the rest of the gear we'd just gotten him. Well, as you can see, Papa came through. :-) This pic is the best Christmas present I could ever get:

This next one is John's twin sister, Jade. She's my love bug, and as you can see by the picture, a mischievous one at that!!

Last but not least, the oldest of the group, this is Jamie. She'll be the prom queen of the bunch. THis little girl will be high maintenence, I PROMISE you!! The guy she ends up with will get put thru the wringer, but he'll also know it's all worth it, because she's got a heart as big as the whole outdoors!!

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A couple of corrections-- Kathleen gave Jazzy's picture that name, not her parents, and the TWINS are the oldest of the bunch-- not Jamie.

What can I say-- I'm a guy!! :-)

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Bill, what great pics. Too bad they are on the other coast. Do y'all have a visit planned?

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Bill ~ Your grandbabies are beautiful! It's easy to see why you are such a proud grampa! All the girls are adorable ~ just watch out...if I were you, I'd stand in front of a mirror practicing the word "No" over and over again.

You and John ~ you'll be buds rolling your eyes at the girls together.

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Absolutely adorable!!

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What a beautful bunch!

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Bill~You don't look old enough to have a son that old-seriously! I can see why you are such a glowing grampy, your GC are so adorable. It seems Jazzy already has accessorizing down pat (did K crochet her scarf?).

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jfrorelo-- We'll be going back out there this summer. It has to be summer so I can show Johnny how to use that landing net!! :-)

Elizabeth-- Saying no is her dad's job (thank God!). Good thing, too-- If it were up to me, that word would never roll across my lips! I get around these kids and i'm like jello!!

Pauline-- Yes, she did. Every year Kathleen makes scarfs and slippers for all the kids. As for Andrew being too old to be my son, you're right, but you're not. He's actually my stepson, but he's definitely not too old to be my son. He's 28 and I'm 48. :-)

Oh, and I DO think of him as my son. :-)

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Bill - they are so cute! They must be the light of yours and Kathleen's eyes. Don't you love being a grandpa????

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What beautiful children, Bill! I can see why you're so proud of them all. And Jazzy is such a little blondie! Thanks for sharing!

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And that's what it's all about! What cuties!!!!


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Don't you love being a grandpa????

Lets just say I can't wait to get back out to Utah. :-)

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Papa, the personalities just jumped off the screen! I could 'hear' the children, I do believe! What a wonderful quiver full you've created.... How many kiddos do you have? And Grand-kiddos?

Thank you for sharing. The photos are wonderful!

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We're a mixed family, but we're not. Kathleen has two sons-- one of which you see above, and the other works with me. I have two sons and a daughter of my own. However, I haven't seen them in about 5 years, thanks to their mom, and that's as far as I'm prepared to explain. (it'd take a book)

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