oh yuck, scaly stuff in tap water

jubileejDecember 19, 2006

One of my first full course week-nite suppers fixed in my kitchen, and I used unfiltered tap for cooking a lot of things, washing salad greens, DRINKING TEA, etc. Went for a second cup after dinner - and all this thin transparent scaly looking brown stuff was in cup - tried running some more in a clear container and yes - it was definitely in the tap water!

Called the police (since nighttime) who contacted the water district. They said not to worry - either manganese stirred up or something in the pipes stirred up - won't hurt me. I told him it looked like a ground up salamander.

I do have a filtered water faucet on my granite countertop - just didn't realize at the time of ordering that it did not include the canister and rest of unit.

My fingers are going to fly over this keyboard ordering the rest of unit! Yucko!

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I'm following up my own post to get this crap off the top of the discussions board! Can hardly wait til my under-sink canisters come in, since my old faucet had one of those add on filters, and we've just been trusting the town water for now.

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wow, that's awful; is it better now.

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Yeah - no more salamander - but, gives one pause to ponder. I guess those little faucet filters did make a dif.

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