anyone else ever troubled by pleurisy?

jubileejDecember 19, 2006

At least I think that's what it is - sharp pain in chest lining (left side) upon taking a breath - comes n goes. What have the docs done for you besides said - yeah don't worry about it?

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I had it years ago and as I recall I took antibiotics and rested for about a week. It was fun with a 9 month old who was walking already - I thought I had a broken rib! Did you have a cold a couple of weeks ago?

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thanks, tuscanlover. No - I have had a mercifully cold-free winter thus far. They want me to come in for appointment rather than just consulting a nurse on phone. Feel too busy right now if I can weather it out.

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anti inflammatories may help. My father in law had it and had total relief from celebrex. Good luck.

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I've never known anyone who'd contracted it, and now in the last two weeks, I know two people who came down with it-- one of them a surgical patient who came down with it after she came home.

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I had it off and on for almost 30 years from the time I was about 19. At first it was frequent, eventually, about twice a year. Now it has been about 10 years since I had an attack, so I guess I don't have it any more.

My doctor said that I had discovered a good way to cope (hold my ribs tight while I breathed, so it didn't hurt much) but don't worry about it, it isn't a serious condition.

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I get it off and on. Only once did I have it very badly. It hurt to breath period. My doctor simply said to take some aspirin and put a heating pad on my chest. I was fine the next day and my lungs only hurt when I breathed deeply.

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Thanks all. I went to the doc, had a chest Xray and was told to take 2 aspirin per day (already take 1 enteric anyway). My doc didn't agree with webMD that said a negative chest Xray could still mean infected fluid lining the chest wall. It's a little less frequent now, anyway. Maybe it was stress of 5th refi! :-)

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