Having trouble starting Road Scarf

socksMarch 31, 2007

I always have trouble starting projects, and this one is no exception.

Below you'll see the beginning directions for the sampler scarf from Lion Brand.

As directed, I cast on 40 and knit 6 rows. Now I'm stuck.

Why does "Next Row" have a star by it? I cannot find another asterisk that it might connect to.

I don't understand the "Next Row" directions as they just amount to knitting the whole row. Why do they say K4, work Row 1, etc?

Is the "Next Row" the same as Row 1, or do I start with Row 1 after that?


Cast on 40 sts.

Knit 6 rows.

*Next Row (Basket Weave): K4, work Row 1 of Basket Weave to last 4 sts, k4.

Rep Rows 1-12 of Basket Weave for 4 in. [10 cm], end with Row 6 or 12.

Knit 4 rows.


Basket Weave (multiple of 8 sts)

Row 1 (RS): Knit.

Rows 2-6: *K4, p4; rep from * across.

Row 7: Knit.

Rows 8-12: *P4, k4; rep from * across.

Rep Rows 1-12 for Basket Weave.

By the way, if anyone else is making this, check the updated pattern as there is some corrected information.

Thanks for any help.

Here is a link that might be useful: Road Scarf

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Socks, that asterisk does connect to something. You are doing a section of basketweave, then a section of mesh stitch, then a section of sugar cubes and then a section of seed stitch. After you do the seed stitch section the pattern instructs you to repeat from * 3 more times, for a total of 4 sections of all pattern stitches. Does it make sense now? That is a lovely scarf.

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The two *s identify the beginning and end of the sections you will repeat across the row. "Rep" means repeat. I will say they could have worded this a little more clearly.

The reason they say to K4 and then work Row 1 of the basketweave is that the 4 stitches you are knitting first make that border along one edge of the scarf. So every row will begin and end with the 4 border stitches.

So in making this scarf, you are building a border around all 4 edges. First, you made the border across the bottom of the scarf with 6 rows in knit. Now as you do the designs, every row will begin and end with the 4 border stitches, and then you will make the very last 6 rows in knit to match the other end of the scarf.

"Next row" is the first row after the 6 knit rows. For the following row, you will do the next row by repeating the 4 stitches of border, doing row 2 of the basketweave, and ending with 4 stitches of border. You do this progression of the basketweave until you have 4 inches of the basketweave, being sure to end with either row 6 or row 12 in the basketweave pattern. So you might have to do a little extra length to get to row 6 or 12.

Hope this helps.

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This helps a lot. Thanks, Donna and Sheila. I think I'll tear out and start fresh. I do this every time I start a project--obsess so much over the details that I get stuck! Once I get rolling, I'll be ok.

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I don't know whether or not I should be glad to see someone else does the same as I do. I even heard a saying for it some years ago.
"Paralysis through analysis" - if I remember correctly.

I used to get it before starting housework. Which to do first - dusting, vacuumming or tidying?

A couple of hours later I still wouldn't have decided. And I would be too tired out from all the fussing to actually do anything!

Happy knitting,
Jane2, who has that very same scarf pattern bookmarked.

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Oh yeah, seems I have to start a project 3 times before I get it right. It's just me (and you too I guess!). LOL!

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