How to knit with a chart, making a toy ball

socksMarch 29, 2010

I would like to make the ball pictured in the link below (click on the third photo). The directions say to "follow chart" for each section. The chart shows the section (kind of football shaped)--cast on two, next two rows do 4 stitches, increasing to the full width then starting to decrease. Hope this makes sense.

The directions say nothing about how to do the increases and then decreases, and I have no idea. Any help will be appreciated.


Here is a link that might be useful: Zoe Mellor book pattern

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I would do the increases and decreases as you always do them on most other patterns. I don't think it will really matter to the finished piece as long as they are all done the same. My preferred increasing stitch is knitting in back and front of a stitch. My preferred decreasing stitch is K2 tog or Slip 1, k1, PSSO, depending on the end I'm knitting.

Reading a graph or chart is fairly easy. Just follow each line and do what it says. I like to put a small light pencil mark at the beginning of each row right near the design, as I start it. It is erasable after but lets you know just where you are in the graph.

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I just wasn't sure which increases/decreases would work well at the beginnings and ends of rows--if there was any particular kind to do or not do. I have never worked from a chart before--automatically passed them by because they looked scary! I guess it's a visual way of writing the pattern, rather than words.

I'll probably get a copy of the chart made so I can write all I want.

Thank you for your help!

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That's right socks--it is exactly that--a visual way of writing a pattrern.
I have made dozens of picture sweaters using graphs and even designed a few myself. I prefer graphs to the written pattern. There is nothing to be scared about, just follow each line and you'll see how easy it is.

If you are going to print out a disposable pattern Then draw the line right through the row you are working on and then you can see at a glance just where you are and you won't get the rows comfused

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I'm learning a lot on this one! Since the sections of the ball are stockinette, I had to google and find out how to do purl into the front and back of the stitch since some increase rows are purls. I knew how to do KBF (What did we do before the internet???) Then it dawned on me that I could do three panels at once on the needles, so I'm doing pretty good I think. I'll post a picture if I'm proud of it!!

Thanks again.

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Looking forward to seeing the finished product

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Here's the picture. I wish I had stuffed it a little tighter, but too late now!!

The solid sections I did 3 at a time, but the stripes was pretty tricky so I did only 2 at a time, as shown.

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Socks, you did great! If you do another in all solids, you could do all the panels at the same time. I'm not comfortable with charts yet, either.


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To tell the truth, Tami, I wrote the pattern out on a piece of paper and didn't really look at the chart after that. Yes, I could do different colors of solids and wouldn't have to mess with the stripes. On the stripes I did carry the yarn up the sides, or I would have gone nuts weaving in ends. There were enough ends as it was! Thank you.

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