Best Easy Afghan Pattern Ever!

nancybcFebruary 27, 2008

H everyone,

I just finished a great Textured Lap Robe that's on on this page:

It's a traditional sampler - a beauty and really fun and easy to do. Instead of the yarn shown, I did it with two strands of Phentex Worsted Denim and one strand of Bernat Silk Coastal. I cast on 73 stitches for the three strands. Looks Great! I also used 10 strands for the fringe instead of the 14 shown. Looks better. The afghan drapes beautifully and looks like an expert did it.

Hope you try it and enjoy it as much as I did!


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Oh, that does look like an interesting pattern to make. I've downloaded/saved it. I've got so many projects going already, and more on my "to do" list that maybe I can get to this one by the end of the year! I'll probably do it without fringe, though. I'm not a huge fan of fringe. I love the way it looks in the photos, but I have found that in real life fringe always gets tangled up...

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Yes Ma'm
Ain't that the truth!
I usually avoid fringe on afghans as well but this one will be mostly ornamental so I did it for looks. Fringe is great for scarves but like you, I agree it's easier to snuggle under an afghan without having to brush fringe out of your nose.LOL!

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Those are beautiful items on that site but I couldn't figure out which one you just finished

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Hi Minnie!
I used to live in the Dallas Ft-Worth area and still have family there.
It's the Textured Lap Robe with the various sampler type sections to it. It looks complicated but the knitting is really just knit and purl. Hope you spot it and put it on your list to do for a present- it's worth the effort!

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