knitting perpetual socks

gabriell_gwFebruary 7, 2010

I'm glad to learn that I'm not the only one constantly knitting socks.I always have one in my purse.I detest sitting in a waiting room and wasteing time. Knitting a sock is such a comforting thing. It is amazing the comments people make.The other day a woman said she knows that not many people knit anymore.That it's a dying art. I assured her that was not the case.

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Socks are great because they are so portable, and you can't make too many of them.

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I was recently hospitalized and my husband (wise man that he is), brought me my pjs, book AND current knitting..socks.
At one point I was having a stress test and my family were in the waiting room, when a woman came into the waiting room and said to her friend "there's some woman down the hall knitting socks...and on 4 needles!!!! (it was, in reality, 5 needles). Our daughter, Chris, said "I'll bet you that was my mother", feeling fairly sure there weren't 2 of us awaiting a chemical stress test, knitting socks!!! People are always very impressed with anything on multiple needles.....another thing that impresses the heck out of people is gloves. One year people on my Xmas list got a scarf, hat and pair of gloves, and I didn't tell them that the gloves were dead easy...if they want to be impressed, who am I to say no! lol

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Sandra, I hope your tests came out fine. I do my socks on one long circular, in the magic loop method. I am forever dropping my double points or pull the stitches off of one. I haven't tried gloves, yet. Maybe some day, I'll get up the courage to try them!


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I think I might like to try gloves.I love giving handmade gifts at Christmas.

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Tami Ohio......I have a very rare cardiac problem called Prinzmetal Angina that was finally diagnosed at the wonderful Cleveland Clinic, 2 years ago. Hopefully I'll be able to get back there soon, to see if there is anything 'new' being tried. Thanks for asking.
Gabriell, do try gloves. They are really easy, like a mitten you then add fingers to....each one knitted separately like little tubes. There is little real knitting in a glove, if you think about just need to be comfortable with double pointed needles.

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Sandra, if you do get to come back to the Cleveland Clinic, please email me! I'm not that far from Cleveland, and would be happy to meet you somewhere!


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