Do you send Christmas cards?

awm03December 17, 2005

Every year I say I'm going to cut back, but here I am sending out 70 cards again. They take so long to do. It seems rude just to sign the card, so I try to write a little in each.

We get fewer & fewer in return every year. Anybody else in the same situation? Are you all cutting back on sending cards, or have you cut it out completely? Are Christmas cards a thing of the past?

Would love to hear your comments. And happy holidays!

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I send Christmas cards out every year. And this year I am doing it again ,despite being sucked into a major remodeling and settling into our new home. We always get plenty back. I've never done a one for one comparison.

I, like you, always write something personal in each one, and we always do the ones where we can stick a family or child photograph.

The one thing I do do every year is those STUPID ribbons. And every year I say "next year, I am NOT going to do ribbons!!!!" And the next year, sure enough, I do ribbons again. Siiiiigh.

I am WAY behind this year. Most people will get their cards right at Christmas or a little afterward. But I figure I am entitled this year. I did the best I could. My family counts on Christmas cards for the latest pic of the little one.


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They're not a thing of the past. I have lots of international friends and this is the one time of year I get real mail from them. Plus, I also have lots of family around the globe so again, Christmas cards are important to them and us.

I'd hate to see real mail disappear forever. My kids love to get cards and letters. They no longer think online cards are cool!

It takes time to work on those cards because I send a letter (shortish) and also include some of the latest family pictures.

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I no longer send Christmas cards. I stopped when I noticed I was only getting cards from people I sent cards to. At the point I felt that sending someone a card had become an imposition on them and so I stopped.

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I don't officially send them anymore; I answer the ones I get and do it with pleasure.
I love people who send newsletters; one of those years, I'll be one of them.

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Sometimes I do - sometimes I don't. Sometimes I just send a few. I've gotten to where I feel quite lame if I send only a card with no photo or letter. This year I'm sending a letter because there are quite a few people in distant places that I haven't been in touch with for awhile and I want to touch base. I find it a little difficult to write those letters as I don't want to come off like I'm bragging about things and I want to say something meaningful in the spirit of the season. I think I managed to come up with something that is okay and worth reading this year.

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I'm sending few cards this year because I've been too busy. I'm mainly focusing on those that live alone, lost a family member, parents, and those that are on top of it all and send us one.

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With me, it's always been just the opposite of everyone else-- I say I'm going to, but then I'm too busy to get it done, and too exhausted when I get home from work. This year, I MADE time, and sent them out yesterday!! People are gonna be dropping like flies when they get em!! LOL

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I send them out year after year. Sadly, the list gets smaller as my aunts and uncles die off.
Pirula, what is the ribbon thing you referred to? I think I am missing out.

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I've only been sending them the past 5 years, since I got all the addresses I wanted into the computer for my wedding invitations. Now that I can print labels, it's pretty easy.

In those 5 years my life has had a lot of changes, and it's an annual chance for me to stay in touch with people I care about. So I write that Christmas Letter (and this year! yep, it was a lot about the kitchen remodel). I LOVE getting letters from friends I haven't seen -- the newsy catch-up kind. And I don't mind that they are photo-copied by the hundreds.

I often think, as I write the letter, how self-indulgent it may appear. But I love the ones I get, and lots of people tell me how much they appreciate mine, so I keep writing it, even though DH keeps trying to pare back the list. (It has gone from 140 to 90)!!

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I send about 50 (down from nearly twice that amount 10 years ago) -- only to people I won't see over the holidays. I just sign my name on most but I didn't know that was improper. I do spend time finding cards with a nice message and scribble *congratulations on the new job/baby/house* on a few.

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bunglogrl- I don't think just scribbling your name is improper. I'd rather get one of those than no card at all from some of the people I don't see often. I'd just rather get news... though If I did what my dad does and wrote personal letters to all 90 on my card list, I'd be doing it JUST like Dad does, all day, everyday for a month!

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I normally send out between 70-100 cards. I've always written personal messages but not this year. I just wrote in "And Happy New Year!" to add to the pre-printed message on the photo card. But it was a cute picture of my four kids! Don't they say pictures speak louder than words? :-)


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I don't always send them, but I always intend to! I have been pretty good, a couple years in a row now... Like Bill, I think it's an extra special treat to those who get one from me, the odds are dodgy!! It sure is a feeling of accomplishment, getting those cards in the mailbox.

I also write a short personal message, since I don't have kids or photos or newsletters to share. It gets a little tedious to write in each one, but I make sure I have eggnog and carols playing and make it festive. This year I wrote half while watching "Holiday Inn." I like reading the newsletters, even when they are braggy! Usually they are from relatives I don't keep in touch with so it's just a nice record of their year. I don't mind cards that are just signed (always the photo ones) but I prefer the ones with a message! I also don't compare give-to-recieve. I am sure I've fallen off a list or two for the years I missed, but I send cards to people I want to extend a greeting to, not to those whom I owe anything!

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I send out picture cards of the kids - real informal - about 40 or so each year. I like getting them, and so I enjoy sending them too. I do take the easy way out and have the greeting personalized on the card. Hey, I'm not superwoman, but I look at it this way - if you are on my Christmas card list, you are part of my "tribe," and mean something to me. Happy Holidays :)

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I make a picture collage of the the kids with a holiday greeting. Haven't done it yet this year though because the only recent picture I have of my oldest who lives out of town is from a funeral. IF I get them done this year they will be New Year's greetings.

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