a nice yarn

minnie_txFebruary 7, 2009

The other day I got 8 skeins of this new yarn in a Hobby Lobby clearance bin for $1.67 each regular 2.79. It is called "I love this yarn" It is so nice and soft. The yarn I got was green camo stripe. I'm crocheting simple v stitch afhgan. the pattern on the wrappe shows a knitted one which when followed makes stripes. it is really nice now I see it is made in Turkey .

I don't knit but it works up great

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We just got hobby lobby here and while I like that yarn I hate the store and won't be shopping there so will stick with my caron simply soft. They have no scanners at the check outs here so have to punch the prices in by hand and half of my stuff did not ring up at the sale price so I had to tell her and she looked and didn't see the stuff on her sheet and said it's probablly not on sale so I pushed it and told her the sale signs were with the items and I know I looked right so when she had someone check sure enough my sutff was on sale. If that is how they run their business then they do not get mine. Mary

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A few years ago our HL was like that. They now have scanners and the personnel are better. Ju stick to your guns and keep shopping especioally with a 40% off coupon. I get a weekly email from them and can print out the coupon if I miss it in the paper. I hope you give it another try. I find some salepeople are like that no matter what store they are in if it persists then I'd email the corporate headquarters and let them know. They are very interested in customer relations.

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