Knitting stitch that looks like checker board

barb_roselover_inFebruary 3, 2011

I have a sweater that I purchased that has about four inches around the sleeve with a knit-pearl border that it looks like it was gone over with straight yarn over the pearl part. This makes a nice border. I don't know how it was done--probably by machine, but the peculiar part is the part over the pearl stitches that looks like stitches have been dropped to give it that look. I guess I am as clear as mud, but can't take a picture. Can any of you imagine what I mean? Barb

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Barb, I can't visualize what you are describing, but if you want to knit something that looks checker board you can do something like k5, p5 on one row then p5, k5 on the next for 5 or 6 rows, then reverese the pattern for the next 5 or 6 rows.


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Donna - that is the right visualization, but oddly it looks like they have gone over the pearl stitches with straight horizontal yarn rows. I have never seen anything like this stitch--like an over/under thing. Thanks Barb

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Sounds like brioche stitch - in two colours.
I was reading a knitting magazine today with that in it.

Does this look like what you mean?
Either the link or this:
2 color brioche stitch in the round:

Here is a link that might be useful: two or three etc. colors in brioche stitch

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Sorry, Jane2 That is not it. It looks like it was done after the original knitting because it is over all of the pearl sections only. Thanks for your help though.Barb

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Maybe it is duplicate stitch?
(I have not got the time right now to find an example of it.)

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