OT---Pics of the Porches...

trailrunnerbikerDecember 14, 2008

Several folks asked to see the porches this year. I just made a slide show of the pics I took tonight. It only includes 32 porches but is a pretty good sample of our neighborhood. I hope you enjoy . Excuse the OT....Caroline

Here is a link that might be useful: 2008 Pics of porches

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Those are great! We have a huge porch-- what an inspiration to do something with it during the holidays (although due to our kitchen project, I think I'll have to hope for some good sales after the holidays and aim for next year). What a neat neighborhood you have.

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It's only our first year, and we've got alot to do yet, but atleast it's SOMETHING!!

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WOW Bill....that looks great ! I have tiny white lights on my tea olive trees in front of the wall but they don't photo well...probably me not the camera LOL> Thank you for sharing your picture.

Thank you Danielle...I will look forward to your finished pics.

I had this on the other side but got a note from GW that it was OT and to please refrain...so I hope others see it . Funny how some OT stuff stays and other goes :) Caroline

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What cheery pictures. Trailrunner, your neighborhood looks like a great place. Bill, I know just what my kids would say about your house--"Now that's what I call decorating!" I'm a fan of both colored lights and outlining the house's architecture.

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Hi Trailrunner - I have never seen anything like that! We're in Oregon, and we get rain and snow so i don't know how those figures would work here. Where in the world do you find Santas like that? I do have a covered porch, and would love to have one (someday). Thanks for sharing!

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Just now checking back here. The Santas are one of a kind made by a person that used to live in this neighborhood. I have printed out the history in the past. You can find it by Google Victorian Porch Tour Opelika AL. Jan Jones was the person with all the inspiration. She still has the Santas and has a workshop in MS. If you Google her name you will probably find some info. Ours are now owned by the city and they are only out for those few days a year to preverve them. Feel free to email me for any more info, c

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Hey, thanks for replying. I will look into it, but I doubt they could be on my porch here in Oregon. They are beautiful, though.

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