Andy Williams

annaleefDecember 24, 2005

Did anyone catch the reprise of the old Andy Williams' Christmas specials last night on public television?

Wow - we were mesmerized and that was just at the clothes from the 70s. The Osmond brothers (Donnie was just a wee one) were on many of the episodes and the Williams Brothers (did not remember Andy was once part of a family quartet) were in every segment.

The Williams brothers wore solid colors (sweater, slacks, sox, shoes) from neck down, almost seeming like PJ's, from orange to fushia to lavender to white to red (each wore a different color when together). Quite a bit of history.

His former wife Claudine Longet (spelling?) also appeared with the kiddos.

The scenery and special effects looked so primitive compared to today's computer-generated magic. But the music was wonderful and timeless.

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Yes Anna Lee I saw it and I thought it was great looking at how young and happy they looked. I especially liked it when Andy was dancing with his mom and his dad cut in to dance. It was so nostalgic. How simple the shows were back, I really enjoyed it.

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I saw this last year. As a kid, I always like The Andy Williams Show. The Osmonds brothers were amazing singers, something I didn't realize when I was young. I can see why Andy Williams, also a member of a talented singing brothers act, mentored the Osmonds. He must have felt enormous kinship with them. It was great to see the Williams brothers reunite for the show too. In a way, I kind of miss television programming like that. There's nothing today that compares.

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