Wiring a furnace for an indoor pool

DPRaffMarch 7, 2011

My regular HVAC guy can't figure this one out, so I hope some of you can.

For an indoor pool enclosure I need the furnace to heat the room when the temp is too low, run just the fan when the temp is too high, run the fan when the humidity is too high and run the fan when the pool heater is on (the furnace and heater share the same flu). I have 2 thermostats and a humidistat in the pool enclosure. How should all this low voltage stuff be wired? Right now the furnace runs constantly heating the enclosure to 90+!


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You said the furnace runs constantly.
Do you literally mean that you are getting a call for heat and fan ALL THE TIME? 24/7?

Do you ever have fan only?

Do you ever have the system off?

Your hvac dealer can contact the tech support at the thermostat manufacturer for help and wiring diagrams

Good luck

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