New Home Is It Just Me Or Is This Really High

joallen001March 21, 2014

Fixing to start digging footers in about two weeks for my first home. I have a few rental property's that I have built over the years and the HVAC was a lot cheaper than the quote I received for my home.

Of coarse my home has more square footage (2770 sq.ft.) and it will be on a crawl space. But I am planning to do a sealed crawlspace to cut down on utilities. The sealed crawlspace is not done by the HVAC installer so it is not included in this price.

So the quote was for a Rheem 3 ton variable speed, two stage system, 16 seer. The home is all single level and all ducts will be in crawl space. The quote was for $15,000. Maybe it is just me but that just seems extremely high? I just want to make sure I am not getting price gouged on this. I can also post a floor plan layout if needed. All open floor plan with 3 bedrooms.

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Does the quote show the model numbers of the equipment? Do you have the breakout of the charges of the duct work and electrical wiring?

You can do a search on the forum to see what others have paid for similar Rheem equipment. But the prices are typically for equipment replacement. It is difficult to judge whether the prices for the additional work are fair or not.

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I do not have the model numbers but I think I could get them. Also I think the electrician has to wire in the unit and I know the plumber has to run the gas and tie it to the unit.

I will definitely do a search on the Rheem. Thank you

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That wouldn't be high in my area...

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Where are you located? It would be high in my area (VA/NC). While the HVAC guy will be running electrical and putting in ductwork, he's doing while the house is being built so it's a lot easier than a retrofit with new equipment and ductwork. Is the builder handling this for you or are you subbing out the HVAC yourself? Either way, someone is making good money off this deal!

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I am located in AL. I am the builder so I will be subbing it out. The installer is crunching numbers to see if we can make changes to save some money.

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Well, yes, I'm sure the installer can get the price down by substituting cheaper equipment! Get more bids, I don't think you should be paying anything near that price in Alabama.

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