Low Air Flow from vents

apewranglerMarch 1, 2012

My house is only a year and half old. I have two separate heat pump units, including a 3 ton unit that runs the master suite and most of the daily living area and a 2 ton unit that runs the spare bedroom area. Back last summer, I put a programmable stat on the 3 ton unit to save some energy. It performed very well here in the deep south with sweltering summers. Winter rolled around, and it took me a while to get the stat set up properly for heat, but eventually got it working. We have had a very mild winter, and haven't really needed the heat too much, but I noticed it seemed it had to be on a lot to keep up. The last couple days, it's been warm enough to fire up the AC. It ran all night and really didn't cool at all. I did some investigating today, and I noticed that the air feel cool, but the volume is maybe 25% of what it's been previously. I even hooked up the original stat, but got the same result. I'm really confused and frustrated. Everything seems to be running like it should, but the air flow isn't there. I also change the filters regular. Meanwhile, the other unit is cooling like a charm. Any suggestions is greatly appreciated.

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Try removing the filter and see if that increases the air flow. If it does then you are using a filter which is too restrictive.

Do you have any flexible duct work? Check to see if any ducts have collapsed or have become disconnected.

Is this a two-stage heat pump? If yes then if may only be operating in the first stage. You may have not reconnected the thermostat wiring correctly when you made the switch. You may also have a thermostat which does work with two stage equipment.

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a basic question. Is your HP when cooling maintaining the set temperature?

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