Morse Code or Braille monogram

sheilajoyce_gwFebruary 9, 2008

It occurred to me today that it would be quite easy to knit or crochet a child's initial or name in Morse Code or Braille on the front or back of a sweater. Never thought of that before. I think I would make the Morse Code dots and dashes in purl stitches against a knit side of the stockinette pattern. In crochet, you could play around with clusters or popcorn stitch. I guess you could knit popcorn stitches for dots too. Anyone ever done this?

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No...never even considered it.....I knit the name in different colored yarn, or sometimes in knit stitches in a band of pearl stitches. Personally, I think, as there is no symmetry to a name, a bunch of different letters, portrayed in just knit stitches or popcorns, would not be recognizable as the Morse code representative of a name, ... and just look random and

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I remember my brother memorizing the Morse Code as a kid so he could send messages on his telegraph key. He was really into radio stuff, and built them from scratch. Became an electrical engineer. I guess kids don't memorize the code any longer, do they?

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