Help-want to learn to crochet so bad!

bookworm_2007February 11, 2008

I have wanted to learn to crochet for so long now and I have given it a few tries but I mess up every single time. Does anyone know if there is a good step by step book that would teach me to crochet?

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You need to check with the local Craft supplies Michael's...they offer lots of classes, including crochet. Hand's on instruction is so much better than a, do some checking around.

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If you want to crochet that badly, try "I taught myself to crochet" book by leisure arts. It is true hands on is better, but the book is informative and does show you how to at least start your work. Check your local papers, sometimes they have craft shows and the women there would be more than happy to help show another crafter "how to"
Good luck with your crocheting!!

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Sending you something to help

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Thanks for the replies!! :)

Starvingartist-I am going to take a look at what you sent me and hopefully that will help me out. I have wanted to make like a baby blanket or afghan for so long and I can't even get one started!

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If you go to a book store I'll bet you can find a book that will have all the stitches in the back. I taught myself to knit and crochet by that. Look also in crochet magazines. If you are left handed though it will be much harder. Then you can scan the pages and "Flip" them and print them. Check the internet for "How to crochet" and you'll come up with loads. The basics are easy. If you want I can send you email on how to. Just email me.

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I found the next-best thing to having someone teach me in person is to watch a video demonstration. Go to and search for "crochet" and you'll find many, many teachers. I've done it for different knitting techniques and learned a lot.

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Indeed YOU TUBE is a good source as well as:

There are videos there as well as many helpful forums and free patterns galore... I stumbled across this site the other day - it is a wealth of info and exchange of ideas and helpfulness...!!! Wow!

Good luck - Luvherbz

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