Happy birthday AptosCA!

fairegoldDecember 6, 2006

Happy birthday---a beautiful day for it, and I hope you're having a bang-up special day, too!

Your friend from down Highway One a bit,


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Happy Birthday Clare!! Our birthday's are a few day's apart. I wish I was 55. I can retire at 55!!!!
Have a beautiful day. Your beautiful granite is a great birthday gift.

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I'll add my Happy Birthday, Clare, too! And what a lovely present you received in the way of perfectly installed granite.

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Clare, what a wonderful thing to happen on your birthday...your amazing countertop WITHOUT a single flaw. Now that should have kept you smiling all day. Hope you had a very, very HAPPY BIRTHDAY. Now sit back and enjoy my little virtual gift :-)

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With everything going on I keep forgetting to check this side of the fence. It took someone emailing me last night to hop over.

Thanks everyone for your warm wishes. I don't mind birthdays, considering the alternative, as long as I get the royal treatment. You are never too old for cake and presents!

fairegold - Yes we are so lucky to have such great weather here. Enjoy it while it lasts. The rains are coming!

Donna - How are you with all that snow? My in laws said they got several inches, over a foot or more in Mt. Prospect. My DH wishes he could retire too. That was the plan a long time ago but things change.

sjerin - Yes it was the one of the best presents I have received for my Bday.

Mari - Thank you for the beautiful picture and thought! Just what I needed at 5AM. Long story.


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Happy belated birthday, Clare! I forget to check this side, too. I'm sure you'll always remember this birthday considering your beautiful granite and perfect install - talk about the frosting on the cake! : )

Don't forget to stop and smell the roses . . .


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angelcub - Thank you. Beautiful rose! What is the name of that rose? I use to hang out on the rose forums until the kitchen remodel took me away from everything else. My roses have suffered terrible neglect, poor things. Oh well, it is winter so I will just prune them then forget them till spring.

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