To those I gave my baby's toque pattern to

oilpainterFebruary 20, 2010

I am knitting the baby's toque with ear lugs I gave you. I found a couple of mistakes I'd like to correct.

First on the ear lugs.

Your pattern reads--- Do 3rd row, and then 1st and then 2nd row and repeat until---

It should read---Do 3rd row, then 2nd, then 1st, then 2nd and repeat until---

Next on the touque when picking up stitches---Yours reads slip the 3 sts. from pin onto needle purl these stitches then pick up---

It should read slip the 4 sts. from needle. Because you turned the brim around so the wrong side is now out you actually are working backwards to the brim. I tend to pick up all the stitches on to the needles before I start ribbing.

I hope this helps. Sorry, I did think I had it right but I should have knit it before I gave out the pattern.

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Oilpainter, forgive me for not saying "Thank you" sooner. I really appreciate that you came back to give us the corrections.

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Me, too! I did think thank you, but wanted this to stay at the top for everyone to see.

Thank you again

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Thanks for the corrections, Oilpainter.

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