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Rossi396March 26, 2013

Hi, All..

I've done some research here and the more I read the more I feel I need to read! I think buying a new car is easier than installing a new HVAC system! Here's what I have so far: I think the load calculations have been done correctly. I used an online calculator and both contractors came up with the same basic systems. System is Gas / Electric. Home is approximately 1,100 SF.

The American Standard quote is for a 60K BTU 97% two stage variable speed furnace (GOLD ZM)? and a 15 Seer 2-1/2 Ton A/C unit. The quote includes a new line set, return boot, media filter and chimney liner and thermostat (no mention of brand) at $6,400.00. Humidifier is $425 and 95% AFUE furnace paired with a 13 Seer A/C unit is $800.00 less.

The American Standard quote is a bit vague compared to the Trane quote which also includes a choice of two matched sets. First is a 60K BTU Trane XL95 furnace with a 2-1/2 Ton XR13 A/C Unit or an XV95 with the same A/C unit. (Upgrade price to the 15 Seer A/C is $357.00). This quote is much more entailed and includes a new 60 Amp disconnect switch, plastic bases for the furnace and A/C units as well as labor and gravel if necessary to re-level the A/C pad, the line set, new condensation pump and drain, plenum transition and boot, gas connection and chimney liner. The quote also includes the humidifier and media filter and adds a T802 thermostat. Price is $7,631.00 for the XL and $8,313.00 for the XV plus the $357.00 for the 15 SEER A/C upgrade.

A couple of notes...We want the humidifier but reserarch on this site says that maybe the thermostat should be upgraded on the Trane system to a 900 to control the humidity as well as the variable speed furnace if we choose the XV system. This also makes me wonder if the Comfort-R system on the XV unit is even needed with an upgraded thermostat..? I liked both contractors and understand that the American Standard equipment is the equivalent of Trane but at a lower price point, but I'm leery of the vague AS quote..

I would really appreciate any input the experts have. Hoping to pull the trigger on the upgrade this week. By the way, we have an approximately 17-year old Trane 80 AFUE (100,00 BTU which is over-sized) and a 2-1/2 Ton 10 SEER Trane XE unit. A/C runs non-stop in the summer and our electric bills have been through the roof...!

Thanks and regards,

TJR in Pittsburgh

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I would like to see the load calculations in writing. Difficult for me to believe you are not being oversized especially on heating. 60 K furnace for a 1100 sq ft home. Humm...

Tell us about the insulation properties of your home.

With the XV95 furnace and AmStd counterpart, you need a true 2 stage thermostat for full functionality. But with that said, I would not make a move until you understand your sizing requirements.


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Thanks. I'll work on getting the numbers for you. As far as insulation, there is ZERO in the walls, literally. Attic is normal. Can't remember exactly but I added a layer, plus I put flooring for storage in about half the attic. Not sure if that would help or not. By the way, just looked at actual square footage and it's 1,300, not 1,100.

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Staying with 15SEER will probably be worth it, depending on your electric costs.

If there is no electrical disconnect present at the current AC condenser, one will need to be installed as part of either quote.

What is your location?

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There's a disconnect but its probably at least 15 years old. The Trane contractor is replacing it, which I somewhat agree with, to protect the equipment. I'm leaning more towards spending the additional money just because of my comfort level with the quote and the fact that Trane is offering such outstanding financing (Zero % for 5 Years).

We're in Pittsburgh by the way...


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