?? circular to flat in pattern

foggyjFebruary 12, 2014

I'm knitting a cowl/hoodie. I have done the cowl section in the round, now I have to stop knitting in the round, and knit the opening for the face, back and forth, not joining, My brain doesn't seem to able to figure this out. It's looks like it should be simple, but I'm not getting it!
Any help out there please?


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It's a bit hard to tell without seeing the pattern, but you probably bind off the stitches for the front (or put them on a holder for adding trim later) and then keep working the remaining stitches back & forth.

Does that make sense?


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Thanks. That's what I thought too, but the pattern says nothing about that. The pattern is : Burton Bear Cowl.

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When you get to the place where you were joining, instead of knitting in the next stitch, just turn your work around and purl back in the other direction, get to the end, turn, knit across again. If you have a stitch marker at the split point, it will make it easier to see for the first couple of rows. After that, you won't need it.

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Thank you. That is what I thought I should do, but this yarn is Homespun, on #15 needles. It was hard to determine if it was working. After doing a few rows, I see an opening starting to happen. Yes I always mark the beginning of rounds.
Thanks for the help!

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