Is there a way to make self striping yarn stripe evenly?

bayareafrancyFebruary 12, 2009

Hi all,

I just got some of the striping cotton yarn from Lily/Bernat/Sugar n'Cream. I have a very cute "retro ribbed towel" pattern that I want to try. But is there some clever way of measuring to make the stripes come out even (i.e. no color change mid row).

On the Bernat website, they have a placemat pattern where the stripes are perfect. Their other patterns (cloths, bags, etc.) have stripes that change mid row.

I thought of using the placemat measurements for my towel, but it would be way too wide.

Is there a formula or procedure for this kind of thing?

Thank you!


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Francy, just as all of the women in the magazine ads look perfect, so it goes with knitting and crocheting projects that the fiber companies picture. It would be very difficult to get the stripes you're looking for because of so many variables - knit or crochet, what stitches you are using, size of hooks or needles, your tension, etc. If you are inclined to play around with it you might come close, but I think you will be disappointed at some point during the project.

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I love the self striping yarn - it makes really cute socks....but, the best one can hope for is to start both with the same color, and hope they both turn our pretty much the same. But, I can't see HOW you could make something with it and have the stripes always start a new color just on the edge of the item.....I really don't think it's even possible.

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Aha! I missed the link to "see more pictures". Duh. I do think it may be the same pattern, or at least very similar.

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Sorry, I posted this in the wrong place.

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I was thinking they probably airbrushed the stripes in the photo where they come out even on the row. :-)

But hey: I started the towel, and so far, they actually ARE coming out correctly! WOW! The color change is happening around the last 5 stitches of the row (60 sts total). And my cast on tail was a wee bit too long. Dang--it could have been picture perfect!

Of course, it may not stay this way, depending on how the yarn is dyed.

I never really expected them to be perfect, but was hoping for tidy looking stripes. I need to learn to use multiple colors of yarn, but my work is usually sloppy looking whenever I add new yarn and/or weave in ends.




Here is a link that might be useful: Super cute retro ribbed towel

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