FARON! What's up with my paint?

SheeshareeIIAugust 29, 2014

Oh my. I painted my LR with Ace Royal in eggshell about ..eh maybe 6 months ago. I've used this paint everywhere in the house except the bathrooms and have had no issues. I saw two small smudges of something on the wall so I wiped it with a clean, wet rag. Now I have (large!) marks on the wall where I wiped. It looks wet, but it's not. Looks like crap. I didn't press hard. Any ideas?


I'll be repainting my kitchen here shortly and I'm a little hesitant to go with the same brand now. I think I might call the hardware store tomorrow or Monday.

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I had the same thing happen with BM paint. :(

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Reeeeaaally? Wow. Not cool. I have BM Aura bath and spa in both bathrooms and so far so good with those.

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Elraes Miller

I went with SW for the kitchen walls. Every time I wipe it, the color comes off on the rag, tis' like chalk. Am curious if Faron has answers too. What would be in the paint to evolve into these results.

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Shee, the BM paint this happened with was not Aura . . .Aura didn't exist then!

Technicolor, what kind of SW paint is it? I just got Emerald for the hallway and hoping it won't do that.

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Elraes Miller

I can't remember the name, has been 5 years. It was around $40 at the time and could have kicked myself for buying it since I wanted to go for the best in the kitchen.

My initial thought was the gal that mixed it did something wrong. It is a brick color and love it. I still have the same paint in my kitchen. Ran out for touch up paint and was totally surprised that HD mixer guy actually matched it perfectly with Behr. Behr doesn't come off like the SW and I don't have spots where I did clean. Maybe by the time I touch up enough the kitchen will be completely painted again.

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Hi Shee!

Oh my! I haven't looked on this board for a bit!!

What color is your affected Royal paint?
What tint-base (on bottom front-center of label?)


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Hey Faron!
The color is BM Shaker Beige.
181A310 Ultra White

I see I actually bought the paint last October. I can't believe it's been that long!

I commented on the paint forum too and Brushworks said,
"There's nothing wrong with the brand.
Never use a wet cloth on paint. A cloth is usually abrasive. A sponge ( grout sponge) is best suitable for cleaning away grime and not leaving marks on the paint film."

Sounds right, but I've really scrubbed other paints and never notice this.

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Shee, so a sponge is better? Than a cloth???

Who knew!

I was told (by the painters) that it happened because I was cleaning flat paint and that it would happen w/any flat/matte paint. If it had more sheen it would have been OK . . .

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Thanks Shee!

Yeah, I saw Brushes note over on "Paint".

We/I tinted so much Royal-Eggshell that it's not even funny! I've never had any complaints regarding its cleaning. Actually, we don't stock Royal anymore, since ACE's newer/improved C+K line is now the better one. I'm surprised your store still had Royal?! Do they stock both ACE lines? We haven't had Royal for a couple years now...

Anyway...yes, sometimes different cloths can be abrasive. Was there any cleaner on the cloth?


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So the base was ok, huh?

Our store carries both. They did as of last Oct. anyhow. I read some bad things about C+K a while back, but don't remember the specifics. You think it's better than the Royal?

The cloth the other day was originally from a sink with Dawn dishsoap. I also tried using a fresh cloth with just water and made the same mark.

Our kitchen is painted in Royal in eggshell (at least 5 years old. Color BM Olive Branch) and I tested with both plain water and water + dish soap and there are no marks. The washcloth is basic white utility type cloth.

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So I did call the paint store today. They haven't had any other complaints. I have 1/2 gallon left and they suggested to bring it in and they'd mix it up well for touch ups. I explained I've always had flashing with that paint for any touch ups. Honestly I think a touch up in that area would look worse. After I purchased the paint I think I did wait a few weeks to start. Is it a possibility that it wasn't mixed well enough by that point?

I suppose I'll leave it along. Out of curiosity, how long does paint last? I'm assuming there are a lot of different factors for that - brand, color, etc. Was just wondering if I were going to repaint that whole wall if it would match better to do it now vs. later.

When I paint the kitchen I think I'm going to try BM Regal Select in matte. I know the upgrade in paint was well worth it to me in the bathrooms and I'm hoping I'll feel the same with the kitchen.

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Shee that is a good idea to go up to at least the matte in the kitchen. I have the Regal Select satin in my kitchen which does not get a lot of light, thus I don't see the sheen. I have the Regal Select matte in a bedroom. It washes well with soap and water with NO streaking. You won't regret the upgrade.

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