Chemo hats

flynflowerFebruary 22, 2009

Hi I was just dX with cancer and will need chemo and it is likely I will be losing the rest of my hair. I've lost a lot of hair already due to massive weight loss. I crochet and knit but am a beginner in knitting. I would like some pretty patterns for hats to wear to church and shopping. Do any of you have any patterns to share>?

I'm not real good, but I want to give it a try at least. I don't want to walk around bald, I'm not that brave.


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flynflower.. First of all you are in my prayers.. God Bless you .. here is a site that has some patterns for knitting and crocheting..
I hope they help.. and heck.. I think bald women are just awesome.. My sweet sister was bald.. and she was a beauty..

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Patricia you are in my prayers also! Send me your e-mail address at (First letter is an "L". I have some crochet Chemo hats and some are really cute!!
God Bless,

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Please send me your address and I can mail you some crocheted hats. I make hats, for my cancer center and the hospital year round and I keep a lot in stock. I have different colors and styles, cotton yarn and acrylic. email me
Thanks, Veljean

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Hi Everyone, sorry I didn't come back right away, I was too sick and in the hospital getting treatment. I've been trying to crochet a pretty hat, but my eyes are hurting. I have a pattern I love, but I am having trouble with it. I think something must have been left out something in the translation. because it looks more like a dolie than a hat right now. lol. It's real pretty, lacy fan pattern and white for summer, cotton yarn. My email is
thank you for your support and your prayers.
Hugs Patricia

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this is the hat I am trying to make , I wish I could get it done. I got as far as the first row of fans and got confused. I'm using Paton's Grace yarn in white . It's 100% mercerized cotton.

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But I get so confused with their directions. This hat will be perfect for summer for me. I like the color too.
I think when they translate the norweigian into English something is lost. But I'm trying, just not getting very far.

Here is a link that might be useful: Chemo hat

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Would you like me to crochet the hat for you?? I looked at it and would not have a problem with it at all. You can contact me at I would be happy to help and make several if you like this hat. Let me know, it would be my pleasure..

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