attic fan :noisy shutters slam in wind solution?

cheerpeopleMarch 8, 2012

We had a thermostat controlled attic fan put on this summer. It has a square opening with horizontal shutters.

We live in a very windy area.

The darn shutters slam open and shut due to winds- not the fan operating keeping me awake at night sometimes.

The install is above my bedroom closet.

We haven't used it yet- it is winter. I'm wondering if I need to do something to block it in the fall for the winter months or is there a better solution than climbing thru that access hole in my closet twice a year?

Thx for your input,


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Pay someone to crawl into the attic space twice a yr.

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Take out the fan and install proper passive ventilation. Alternatively, if you live in a hot, humid climate and have AC ducts in the attic, seal the attic and insulate the roof deck.

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With the windows open and the fan off in windy conditions this would be normal unless you had a solenoid that would open the shutters when the fan comes on and hold them shut otherwise. With the windows shut you need to get some caulk and foam and get to work cause your house leaks like a piece of swiss cheese.

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