stitch markers are way overpriced

glad2gardenFebruary 20, 2007

Hi all, I'm just amazed at the price of a tiny little bag of plastic stitch markers. Over $6! Why are these little plastic things so much money??? I'm using safety pins to mark my crochet rounds. The markers from the store would be handier, but there's no way I'm paying that much!!!


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Victoria, you're absolutely right. They are way overpriced. Why? Because they are a specialty item. Crochet stitch markers are a bit different than the closed rings I use for knitting. You can buy very inexpensive "bone" rings (really plastic) in several different sizes at craft and sewing stores. They are used in making curtains. I recently bought a bag of 100 3/4" black rubber rings at ebay for just a couple of dollars. They are sold as something that is used in paint ball. I haven't looked, but I've been told that you can also buy something like that at your local hardware store. The split rings may be a little more difficult to find, but if you keep an open mind, the possibilities are out there.

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What kind did you get? The Clovers are from Japan and really expensive. I've used the 40% off coupons from AC Moore when I want those. Usually I get Susan Bates because I prefer flat ones and they're much cheaper. You can also try the rubber o-rings at hardware stores or hair elastics from the drugstore. Some people use the plastic covered paper clips for removable markers. They don't snag as much as the metal kind.

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With my knitting, I've been known to take off my rings and use those as stitch markers in a pinch.

With crochet, I like the old fashioned safety pins or diaper pins, 'cause they're easy to take out.

~ Kit

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I use safety pins when I crochet. I have a set of little plastic rings I bought 40 years ago to mark knitting. But then I got into using BIG needles with some of the novelty yarns, and looked for something I could use on them. I bought those white plastic rings they sell for crocheting buttons. Sometimes I use them to make buttons and sometimes I just use them to mark on the needles.

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I generally use bobby pins. Also when teaching someone to mark the first and last stitches since they often lose those.

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Thanks for all the great ideas! I'm going to try diaper pins, or if I could find safety pins without the coil at the end, that would be great!

Thanks everyone!!!!!


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