Crochet problem--and time is short

mary_md7February 25, 2008

I made blanket for my new grandson using a yarn I had not used before (Lion Brand "pound of love" yarns). It's very simple--single crochet with lengthwise alternating bands of white, yellow, blue, green. I made a fringe at each end.

Here's the problem. When I ran it through the washer and dryer, which I always do before sending the blanket, the yarn in the fringe became a mess--some of the strands raveled/separated, they are tangled, etc.

I'm thinking I need to do more than shorten the fringe--probably remove it. Then how do I finish the ends? (Can you tell I know very little about this?) The color bands on the side of the blanet are yellow--maybe I can do a couple of sideways rows of yellow at the ends?

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That is exactly why I hate fringe. Yes, you can do a couple rows of yellow, as you suggested. Or, if you like the look of fringe, you can do a row of single crochet on the edge, stopping every 3 or 4 stitches and chaining 30 (or however many you like) and then go back to the single crochet. This will give a fringe look to the blanket (a little heavier than your other fringe, though).

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Thanks, Donna, I will add yellow rows at the ends. I really must take some lessons so I can learn more options such as picot edges, etc.

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