Ques re: slipping stitches to make a tidy chainlike edge

bayareafrancyFebruary 19, 2009

Hi all,

I have a question about a handtowel I have been making. I think this link will take you to a photo of it:


The pattern has me slipping the first stitch of each row for a tidy edge. The problem is that doing so has made the edges curl in drastically. I finished the towel, hung it in my kitchen, and was dismayed to see that it curled itself into a skinny tube!

So, I frogged the entire top part where the hanging strap is. My first thought was to alter the top so that the strap is wider, and the decreases to the strap are less drastic. I thought that maybe doing that would "relax" the towel a bit, and enable it to hang flatter.

But, I think a big problem is the curled edges of the slipped stitches. Slipped stitches curl inward, don't they? (I might be wrong about this.) I have made ribbed scarves (where I just knitted the first stitch in each row) that lie completely flat.

If the slipped stitches are the main cause of the curling, is there anything I can do to fix it? Is it possible for me to undo the entire edge, and then convert all those sipped stitches to regular knitted stitches (sort of like when you need to pick up a stitch that is many rows below your work)??

I'll add a regular link to the towel, in case the image link above doesn't work.

Thank you!



Here is a link that might be useful: Super cute retro style towel that curls into a skinny tube when I hang it

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The picture seems to show the sample curls a little too, but it just gives it that nice puffy edge. Ribbing should not curl. I have not had any experience with slip stitch causing curling. Did you try blocking it with steam?

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No, it isn't slipping a stitch.. curling happens with stockinette stitch.

try as seed stitch, or a moss stitch, or checker board... none of them curl, with or without the slip stitch.


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You might try this: at the end of the row, bring the yarn forward and slip the last stitch. Turn. Knit the first stitch, then work in pattern across the row and again, bring the yarn forward and slip the last stitch.

I hope I got that right. It's been a while, but I did something like this on a round potholder and it gives a very nice chain edge. Let me know if I got it wrong and I'll check my pattern when I get home from work and get back to you.

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Hmmmmm. I was thinking making the slipped stitches were causing the problem b/c the sliped stitches on the heel of a sock curl inward.

Hmmmmm. The towel isn't stockinette. It is 3 x 2 ribbing. The scarves that I have made with ribbing don't curl, so I'm not sure why this is curling so much. Although it is supposed to curl a little bit, as the photo shows, my curls into a tube that is no wider than the tab it hangs from. So it looks really goofy.

I haven't tried blocking it, because I won't be able to block it each time I wash it. It's just a kitchen towel.

Hmmmmmm. Although I can make the pattern different in the future, I wonder if there is any way to save my current tube/towel?

I guess I can work on modifying the anging tab part of it, since I already unraveled all of that part.

Thank you!



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Francy, I suspect that you are using cotton yarn, so there probably isn't much you can do to it at this point, other than rip it out and start over. But, if you are using acrylic yarn, you can place a cotton towel over the towel you made and steam block it. Don't just hold the iron close to the towel. Actually press down on the cotton towel. This will "kill" the acrylic and it will keep it's shape forevermore.

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Ahhhhhh! So that's why people "block." I couldn't quite figure it out, since it seemed that you would have to block every single time you wash the item. The "kill" factor is what does it!

But alas, I am using cotton. I will try to alter the tab top, but I suspect you are right. I'm probably stuck with a tube. Darn! I used the Lily self striping cotton, and the stripes came out PERFECTLY!


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Next time you might try using bigger needles. Sounds to me like it might be knitted to tightly.


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I used this pattern and have had same problem with the curling. Mine also looks "goofy" when hung. And I was not thinking as I knit, and realized when I took it to my kitchen that my cupboards don't have handles but ceramic knobs. It did fit on a knob but is so thin. They would make darling gifts, has anyone else made it and had success?

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I was able to contact the designer of this pattern. She said that hers curled in as well. So, she made her future towels wider. She agreed with me that doing a gradual, loose decrease would probably help.

I'm hoping to make another soon, but am having too much fun learning to knit socks right now.



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