Mistakes in on line patterns

oilpainterFebruary 12, 2010

Does anyone else find mistakes in free on line knitting patterns. I had never printed on line patterns before and both versions of this sweater had mistakes. Both are variations of the origional. It seems to me the parts they copied from the origional are fine. It's the things they've added that are wrong. You'd think they would write things down as they are making changes

I printed one for pretty baby sweater--a version of the 5 hour sweater-- don't know what the origional was called. The increases were all wrong. You'd end up with more stitches than called for.

Back to my on line search and I found a 5 hour sweater. It worked perfectly until the sleeves, then the decreases before the ribbing are wrong. I have enough experience to correct it but I pity the newbie trying to get either one to come out right.

I think I'll stick to the yarn sites from now on.

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On-line patterns aren't the only patterns you'll find errors in. I've bought plenty of expensive books that have errors. Sometimes the book will come with a loose paper with the corrections. Sometimes I will find out later on a forum where to go for corrections. Now, whenever I purchase a book I go online to see if there are any corrections. And MANY times, there are. For those inexperienced knitters or crocheters, I do feel sorry, because they will probably think that they just aren't "getting it" when something doesn't work up the way it's supposed to.

And many of the monthly publications also publish their errors on their websites. You just have to check for yourself.

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The trouble with on line though is that often there is no place to tell them there is an error, so the error never gets corrected. If you do find an error in a published book you can point it out and it does get corrected.

I think If I ever had a site I would have a place where people could point out errors. It wouldn't require an answer nor would that be part of the plan. At least that would allow corrections

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I have tried to knit several free online and cute baby things. I notice that they often have problems in the design too, and so they tell you to use wool yarn and to fix the problem with blocking severely. That is what I object to. I want a pattern to work out well and lay nicely on its own. And for baby items, I much prefer knitting or crocheting with acrylic yarn so new moms can save some time with washing and drying the item when she launders the other baby things. I don't have problems with online free patterns from yarn companies. The problem seems to rest with flaws the designer did not choose to correct.

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Was going to try an "on-line" free pattern the other day, but didn't read the whole article before starting. Well, I frogged that piece about 6 times and gave up on it, but when I read the comments at the end of the pattern, most said that the instructions were all wrong, right from the get-go!

But I have another question....if you have to wet and block a piece to have it lie flat, does that mean whenever you wash the piece you would have to re-block it?

I prefer to have my pieces lie flat and proper right from the start....mho only.

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A piece should lay realitively flat--if it's supposed to be flat-- when you finish knitting. The purpose of blocking is to get the right dimensions and is done with natural yarns. Yes such a sweater--or whatever--would have to be blocked after it is washed.

Most acrylics dont need much blocking and will retain their shape through the drying process. If the yarn says machine dryable then it should be dryed on low or gentle. If its not machine dryable then it should be lain flat or shaped and stuffed--as some hats would require. Your best bet for washing is to follow the yarns instructions. That is why I always include a yarn label when I give a sweater as a gift.

I started on another version of this sweater. This one is a bit bigger. Besides the errors I found the others too small and would only fit for a month or so. So far it is working out as written. For anyone that wants this lovely pattern, I'll let you know if it works out as written when I'm done

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Well I have finished the sweater and this Jiffy Knit (5 hour)sweater has no mistakes for anyone who is interested. It is also a nicer size than all the others. I've included the link for anyone who wants it.

Here is a link that might be useful: No mistakes

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Not just knitting crochet and in books too I paid good money for. Mary

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I hate taking patterns off the Internet and says if you
have a problem contact me at-- and they NEVER get back to

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