i did it! my first sock! i can't believe i did it!!

bayareafrancyFebruary 18, 2009

Ok, I guess I need to post a photo.

Oh my gosh--I actually did it! I really wasn't sure I could. It was hard, and my hands are aching. I practically did all 20 (or so) hours in one sitting!

The hardest part was picking up stitches for the gusset. Several of my slipped stitches were messed up in one way or another. They were hard to find, and I don't think I found them all correctly. I ended up picking up 12 on each side (rather than the instructed 10), because I saw 12 on one side, and had to make the other side even. Then I just decreased the extras as I went around.

Ques 1. Do I need to tie up the tail at the top? Weaving it in never seems secure to me. My weavings always come unwoven eventually.

Ques 2. Rather than joining at the cast on, I decided to try joining at the first round of k2p2. The result seems to be a little dip in the top edge of the sock (like someone took a bite off the top of the cuff). Is that normal for that kind of join? Can I do anything to "fill" it in?

My sock! My very own sock! It fits perfectly! It is so cute! I'm wearing one sock. Wheeeeee!

My 7 year old asked: "so now you have to make another one that is the *same* size as that one?"

Me: "Um. Yes."

My 5 year old asked: "if it isn't the same, can I have it to play with?"

Me: "uh...."

7 year old: "And can I have the first one to play with?"

Me: "uh..."

5 year old: "I hope it's not the same size!"

7 year old: "Me too!"

Me: *sob*

Thank you again to everyone who gave me help and encouragement!


francy (off to cast on the next one)

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Congratulations! Beware: sock making is addictive.

For your weaving in question, take your tail with a large eyed needle and go down a column of stitches (an inch or two), back up the next column of stitches and then back down the next column of stitches. I haven't had any unweave for me doing it this way. Of course, this is only one way of doing it.

I have a six year old and it all sounds too familiar, :). Every time I cast on a sock she asks if it is for her. Just think of all the practice you can get making socks for your children and they knit up much faster and they don't mind mistakes!


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Where there is a jog when you joined to make it in the round, take the tail and sew through the last stitch and then through the first stitch. Usually that is enough to even out the top row. Then work in the tail as Rebecca suggests. If you used non superwash wool, then it should felt into the woven stitches eventually.

Yes, everyone seems to think that knitting socks is hard, but it is not. You need to know some of the tricks, for example so you do not get a little hole where the heel joins the foot.

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Thank you! I will try that on the jog. (My wool is superwash, so I hope it won't felt.)

I'm not sure if I have the infamous "hole where the heel joins the foot," because the whole area where I picked up stitches (the part that was really hard for me since my slipped stitches were kind of messed up) is a bit loose and holey.



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As Rebecca said, yes, weave in your tail. Be sure to go up and down, not side to side. Side to side will take away from the stretchyness provided by the ribbing at that point. (I once did side to side weaving on a sock where I changed colors frequently, and it really make the sock hard to get on.)

Can you join at cast-on so you don't have the dip? I join by the trading stitches method. I don't know how others do it.

Yes, picking up stitches for the gusset is the hardest part. I usually pick up 2 extra also.

I bought double sets of needles and worked on each sock alternating back and forth so they were both done at the same time, but I have never had "second sock syndrome" where I didn't want to start the second one.

He wants to play with your masterpiece, your fabulous creation!!!??? LOL! Oh well, at least he takes an interest in what Mom's doing. Tell him you'll knit him a pair to wear one of these days. Cute story.

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Congratulations!!!! LOL! DH asks that same question! Your heels will get better. And, unless you do all twenty hours in one sitting, your hands won't ache so much the more you do it, because you were probably clenching your hands on the needles without realizing it! I also start both socks at the same time (not on the same needles, I don't like doing it that way, on one long circular), and find that my tension stays pretty much the same, and so does the size, that way. I do a little on this one, then a little on that one. Don't worry if you have one or two more stitches picked up on the heel. You can always do a round or two extra of decreases and it won't matter.


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Tami's last sentence is one of those wonderful hints that makes sock knitting easier.

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I have yet to make socks for myself. I have 2 daughters, 1 Daugher in law, 1 grand daughter and they all have socks, They all want another as they see the one I'm currently working on as they get better with each one I'm working on (I LOVE to make ones with fancy cuffs!!) Then their friends see them and THEY want socks. One of these days, I WILL get a sock, I swear I will, I promise I will...then these little six year old eyes say ...please make me a pair of socks Grandma Vickey. Oh what can I do but make her a pair!


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Vickey, the trick is to not let them see you working on a pair that is for you! Of course, that doesn't work with DH, as he is always around when I am knitting! You just work on a pair for them and a pair for you, all at the same time, hiding yours when they come over. Or, you just have to toughen up and stick to it when they see you knitting a pair for yourself and tell them NO. Which is NOT easy!


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Yeah Francy! Congratulations. I'm addicted to sock making too and just learned a few months ago. But beware, now all your friends and relatives will be bugging you for socks!


Oh, and how's the kitchen coming along?

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Hee! Stealth sock knitting!

I will try to get a photo up soon. I would like some advice on my heel part, since I'm not quite sure why it looks the way it does. But I need to photo first.

(Hi Robin! The kitchen is at a complete standstill. I haven't touched a paintbrush since August, and don't plan to touch one till Sept. when my youngest starts kinergarten. So I'm ashamed to show my sorry self on the kitchen forum!)



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Vickey, you are so generous. I love my hand knit socks so much I have trouble giving them away! I have made a pair for a friend and a pair for my daughter. But I like to use the excuse that I'm new to sock knitting and therefor need to make several "practice pairs" before I feel like I've perfected my knitting enough to make them for others.

One thing I've learned Francy, is the more socks I make, the faster it goes and the more confident I am about it. It's easier to see when I make a mistake and know what I did wrong. Figuring out how to fix it...well...I'm still working on that one! ;o)


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I knit for two different charities and one day realized all that I knit was given away,so I have been on a sock binge. Both for myself and grandchildren and daughter. I think they are so fun to make and because they are small they fit perfectly in my purse to take on the go.

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