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doc8404December 25, 2006

Instead of a Christmas newsletter for family and friends, I do this each year for my middle son. ItÂs entirely self-serving but cheaper and much more effective than therapy.

Dear M.

I won't make it to church today but I did find a few extra minutes to sit down, take stock of the year and celebrate His birthday.

Your brothers are all well - T. got home somehow from California even with the blizzard trashing all the flights in and out of Denver. He caught a red-eye and flew all night to get home. Looked like he didn't sleep a wink but was glad to be home. The socks he brought me are great.

J. came home unexpectedly yesterday. I was surprised as he didn't expect to get leave but he did and caught a ride with a kid originally from Cleveland. You wouldn't recognize him - the Marine Corps has done strange and wonderful things to him. He cleaned the bathrooms yesterday even though I had on Wednesday because he said they were "unsatisfactory". He got me a hat (he calls it a 'cover') which really is pretty neat and a couple of decals for the car and truck. He is mighty proud of himself and so am I.

The little boys arenÂt so little any more and are enjoying the Christmas break from school. TheyÂre growing like weeds and are eating me out of house and home. Jake ate an entire box of cocca puffs the other day. They got me some mp3/music electronic thing, which looks like something from the labs at NASA - I have no idea how to use it or hook it up. Think I can play my LPs on it? I think I'll like it if I can figure it out.

Your great-gramma Flora ran away from the home for the third time this month. She always does the same thing; somehow she climbs the fence between the nursing home and McDonalds, goes in and sits quietly until the township cops come to get her to take her home. At first I didnÂt think she knew what she was doing but now IÂm beginning to think she does it just to get a ride in the cop car. As she has done for the past 45 years she sent me $5.00 for Christmas.

My kitchen project has ground to a halt with Mom being sick and all but it will wait on me. I have all the remaining pieces-parts in the garage and I believe IÂm becoming a bit unhinged as they have started to talk to me. They want installed but I told them to cool it or out to the curb they go. They havenÂt said a word since then.

As I said, your brothers got me some great stuff but the greatest gift is Mom is still with us - there were days when I wouldnÂt have given you a nickel for her chances  it all seemed pretty iffy but she is hanging in there. She asked for and is getting spaghetti for Christmas dinner. Once again, marching to a different drummer . . .

All in all we are happy and have full, exciting lives. Never a dull moment!

I miss you tons buddy. Thanks for watching over us.

Love Dad.

(Merry Christmas everybody!)

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Doc, your letter to your beloved son truly touched my heart. Wishing you peace this holiday season.

Great Grandma is scaling fences, good God - what are they feeding her in that nursing home?

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What a beautiful letter- and tribute- to your son and family. It's obvious that you are blessed with a loving family.
I hope "Mom" has a speedy recovery.
Happy holidays to you and your loved ones!

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Beautiful! Thanks for sharing. Your loved ones are very lucky and it sounds as though you have a wonderful family. I hope the new year brings you peace, happiness, and continued love.

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Oh, I just love it! Ha ha ha - good for Grandma! A "young soul" in an older body! May God bless and protect your Marine son - and if he is looking for other "unsatisfactory" places to rescue . . . :-)

Blessings & Joy, this day, and everyday!

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