My get up and go...

maddiemom6December 16, 2006

has got up and left!!! Dang!.. We are like 75% done with the kitchen I am SO am not motived to do anything with it right now. It really is such a shame since I was doing great before all the who-ha with the Dh's heart. I HAVE to get back on the ball or this room is never gonna be done.

Got any bright inspirations?


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Hey Maddie. We are going through health problems with my DH...still in the testing stage though. Our kitchen was moving along and then due to our cabinet guy getting really difficult it has come to a standstill too. I went out and bought some bulbs to force , put them in beautiful bowls and set them on countertops and in windows. You have such a beautiful space, I bet if you got some already started ones at the plant shop amd set them around it would cheer you on . You would want to "rise" to the occasion like the bulbs !

I am so glad your DH is improving. Caroline

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Keep up the faith; it's december 16 and you need a break; you'll be energized again in the new year when everything returns to normal.

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Maddie, give yourself a break physically and mentally, you deserve it. Try to enjoy the Holidays and without doubt your "get and go" will return.

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You need a national "Maddie" day. A day to do all of the things that YOU love to do. Go to lunch with a friend, take a long walk in nature, read a good book, or how about a movie, I heard Charlotte's Web is wonderful.

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The Winter time short days probably has something to do with your energy level. Humans naturally slow down during the Winter months, we are supposed to.

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