Quote on a replacement gas furnace and A/C - Thoughts?

weathertopMarch 26, 2012


I live in North NJ and received the following quote from a contractor to replace my dying furnace and central air for the first floor of my home. The sales guy did the "J" test and shared the following with me.

Any feedback?

Install new Carrier 59MN7A60V17-14 modulating 60,000 BTU 97.4 % efficient variable speed gas furnace (AHRI no. 4702118).

Fabricate all necessary sheet metal and install Carrier CNPVP3717 evaporator coil and Spaceguard Model 2410 air cleaner.

Run all necessary PVC vent piping and vent out in same location adding intake air and a concentric kit.

Reconnect existing gas piping and electrical wiring.

Install new Aprilaire Model 600 humidifier and connect to Infinity control system.

Run new refrigerant piping and set Carrier 24ANB724 two ton two speed 16.20 SEER / 13.10 EER condenser on plastic poly pad in same location(AHRI no. 471667).

Evacuate refrigerant piping and leak test with micron gauge.

Reconnect existing line voltage and low voltage wiring.

Program Carrier Infinity controller and test operations of all systems.

Move five supply feeds a minimum of twelve inches away from end of supply trunk lines and balance system.

Project cost before rebates $ 10,570.00

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Weather top

How much in rebates?

What size furnace and AC are you replacing?

Difficult to say about pricing but generally everything in NJ is more expensive including HVAC.

The furnace is relatively new to the market so not really any anecdotal history available.

I always ask if ductwork has been inspected as to size, insulation quality, leak test, and adequate return(s).

You might check to see if any price difference on the Performance 17 two stg AC condenser.


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This is a very nice system. You will not be disappointed assuming it is installed correctly.

Did the salesman do a real Manual J calculation on his laptop or did you write some numbers on a piece of paper? In NJ you will need a Manual J and Manual S calcualtion in order to qualify for the Cool Advantage rebate. Ask for a copy of the report.

Do you need an electronic air cleaner? The Carrier 4 inch media filter works well. Is is less expensive and no maintenace.

Is the Carrier 10 year labor warranty included?

What are your plans for the second floor HVAC system? If it is the same age then consider getting a quote ro replace both. You should be able to negotiate a better price on two systems.

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For previous poster

The 2410 is not an electronic air cleaner. Pleated media filter cabinet.

Link attached.


Here is a link that might be useful: AprilAire Media Filters

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My mistake, I thought the 2410 was an electronic air cleaner.

I am curious as to what advantage the 2410 has over the Carrier filter cabinet and filter?

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Thanks for those who replied. Additional details:

* Yep, the salesguy did a manual J and manual S on his laptop.

* The rebates will reduce the cost to $8500

* A 10 year carrier warranty is included.

* And, I replaced the second floor system with a Performance system 2 years ago.

* Not sure on the size of the system that I have now on the first floor...how can I tell?

...I'm not hearing anyone say that this is a bad system, depending on the size that it is replacing, right?

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The model you quoted is currently Carrier's best furnace. There is one AC model above the one you quoted, but it is a very high SEER rating (19-21). It is not worth the extra money for the NJ summers.

You should be able to determine the size of the Performance system by the model number. If you post the numbers I will try to figure it out.

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I found the quote for my Performance system that I had installed 2 years ago, as I also posted it here for feedback. Our second floor is smaller and heated by steam radiators.


With this for background, any additional thoughts on the first floor system in my opening post?

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I see nothing wrong with it. You might follow up on my suggestion about the two stg Performance 17 and see if that saves you any dollars.


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Great! Many thanks!

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