What are you working on now?

tami_ohioFebruary 6, 2010

I thought it was about time we had another one of these posts!

I have a sweater on one set of needles, but I think I need to take out about an inch. It's top down, and when I measured it, I think it's going to be too big. So, I'll rip out an inch of increases before I put the sleeve stitches on holders and start the body.

I also have socks on needles, as always. Socks are my go everywhere project, so there is always a pair going. I went to Ravelry's web site and stayed up until 1:30am looking at some of their free patterns, so have some new ideas floating around in my head. I started about 9 pm, just surfing thru them without picking a specific category, and only got to page 90 out of 388!!!

I just finished some knitted beaded angels to donate for a tea cup auction for breast cancer, pick of course! And a red one for DSIL's birthday.


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Tami, like you, there is always a pair of socks on my needles, no matter what else I am working on. I am working on a pair for my grandson. He asked if I would make him another pair. He's ten years old and is the only child I know who thinks handcrafted socks are better than bought. I've made him several pair. One is a variegated that he calls his "tiger socks" because of the colors. I made him a pair in shades of blue for his Christmas stocking. It really feels good to know that someone truly appreciates your gifts. I let him peruse my stash and he chose black for this pair and camouflage for the next.

I also just finished a couple of unconventional (colorwise) baby blankets that were commissioned by a good friend for two of her nieces who just recently had a joint baby shower. I hope to post pics of those in the next day or so.

I'm still working on the Circus Play Pad, a knit round blanket in crayon colors. No baby in mind, just thought it was cute.

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Janey - formerly jane2

Knitted beaded angels? Sounds great, except for the beading. (My fine motor control is not all that great.)
Is it possible to see your angel pattern?

A couple of years ago my go-anywhere knitting projects were dishcloths. I had joined many, many dishcloth groups online and enjoyed knitting up the patterns (2 per month from most groups, plus all the patterns in the archives!)
But that has changed - I still knit up a lot of dishcloth patterns, but now they are knitted as acrylic blanket squares. I joined the group, Blankets For Canada, which provides blankets for the homeless in Canada.

I'm on my fourth blanket - and I only have six more squares left to knit! (Just as well too - because we have just had a week or two of really, really really cold weather. It's been in the - 20's during the day!)

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I just started the first of 2 scarves for the special olympics. They are to be cherry red and heather gray. Had a hard time deciding on a pattern. Something unisex. They need to be there around the first part of march. I crochet. Anyone else participating?

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Here are pics of the angels and a beaded bracelet that I also donated to the breast cancer tea cup auction. I made the red angel for my sister-in-law for her birthday.

Jane2, the size 11° beads are threaded onto size 8 pearl cotton crochet thread, before knitting. They are pretty tiny. If I string them by hand on a needle, it takes me 1 1/2 hours to string enough to make one angel. I bought what is called a Bead Spinner, battery operated, to help string them. It spins at a certain speed and sort of threads the beads on the needle for you. It still takes about 45 minutes, even with that.


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Nice bead work Tami, I haven't beaded anything in quite a while ;o)

I have a beret on the needles right now, this is the first time I've tried Cascade yarn and I only bought one skien to try it out, so far so good. I just finished a pair of socks and will get another one on the needles soon, I also take socks with me to work on while waiting in the doctor's office or just waiting around other places, not so funny story, last year DH got pulled over, I knit while the nice man wrote out a ticket lol.

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Tami - beautiful angels and bracelet! Would you mind sharing the instructions for both (or where I can get the patterns)? I love angels and always try to get a new one each year. I participate in Relay for Life at work and we auction off items to raise money and I think an angel and bracelet would be perfect for me to donate this year. Thanks in advance. Carol

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I am finally working on something for myself. A sweater with a leafy, open pattern. I am blocking the back; I have finished the sides and am working on the sleeves. I am doing it all on a circular needles so I can work on both sides at one time. The only times it was hard was the left/right side for the pattern was different for each side at the shoulders. Oh well, I like it.

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I have been knitting and felting hats for the past two weeks...fast and fun. I have also been knitting baby socks for my new Grand Baby. So fun and so fast. A good way to use up all that left over sock yarn. Like so many of you, I always have socks going. Nothing like warm, hand knit socks. The big project that I am working on is the Sarah James Entraloc Jacket. I'm using Noro in a tan/beige/brown. I have the yarn to start the Einstein Jacket but that will have to stay in the bag until the Sara James is finished. So much yarn, so little time...


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Tami, I decided to finish some of the things that have been on needles for a LONG time. LOL, like way before my move.

Presently I am finishing a pair of self striping socks.


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Carolnv, please email me thru my page.


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I'm doing a dishcloth KAL. Krisknits is doing a free one each month. Fun.

Here is a link that might be useful: Art in Glass by TG Designs

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Babka NorCal 9b

I'm making a tissue box cover (plastic canvas) with wild cats for my granddaughter. Working on the Leopard, with a Jaguar to go. Something to get my fingers moving in different directions from knitting.

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I'm working on Barbie Doll wedding gowns have sold 4 already. Also trying to learn Filet crochet (not doing very good with that!!)I know I'm making it harder than it is!! Also making hats and afghans for the homeless.
You ladies amaze me all you make and so fast.
Love the beaded angels.I'm an 18 yr(this month) breast cancer survivor so those angels are pretty special.
babka you've done a great job on the wild cats. I've never tried plastic canvas.
Keep up the beautiful work ladies. and Happy Valentine's day!

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I'm working on an entrelac scarf. Hopefully it will be done before spring. I'm a slow knitter so I'm ready to move on to something new.

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Just finished a pair of red bed socks,double knitted, so nice and cozy. Now have a mens dress pair started with Scheepjes Invicta Extra in country blue. When I went to my STASH this wool called out PICK ME, PICK ME!!

Dishcloths are my other knitting passion and usually I donate these to a local club.

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alway have dishcloths on my needles. Its a great doctor office project. I just do it mainly to have something to do with my hands when I have concerns. It carries my mind away. If anyone watching shows any interest in what I am knitting, I always offer to give it to them. Imagine in the last few years, I have given away at least 30 dish cloths.

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I have started the lace ribbon scarf from knitty.com 3 times today. It's pretty straight forward, but I don't have a lot of experience with lace knitting. Mistakes are pretty noticeable!


Here is a link that might be useful: lace ribbon scarf

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I am finishing up a toy elephant for my 3 year old grandson and 6 pairs of Saartje's booties for my 3 1/2 month old grandson. Hope they fit him as I have been knitting them without having him here to measure. Next, while watching the Olympics, I plan to knit a couple of vests for the baby. DDs house is quite chilly.

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I talked to my friend doing the tea cup auction, this weekend. All told, with all the different donations, they made over $5100! This wasnt' just the tea cup auction, as there were othere things donatated for the day, the tea cup auction was over $500, just by itself. L is a 20 year survivor. I will be making more for next year's auction.


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I'm working on my second Heritage Afghan. Made the first one for my youngest sister as a "thank you" for one of her many kindnesses. This one is going a lot slower due to arthritis in my hands acting up but, it will be for my other sister "just because". I really love this pattern. It's made with granny squares but each one is a different pattern and works up really well. And, since it's in squares I can take it with me when I go to the Doctor. I just hope I'm not too burned out to make one for myself before I'm through.

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(1)huge lap blanket for VA hospital (2)pr socks (3)dog sweater w/ gauge issues!
**Anyone have a basic cardigan pattern that worked well for them? I'm looking for something simple/basic-- I struggle w/ difficult patterns!**

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Taking an entrelac class and making Knitability's Felted Knapsack in charcoal grey, deep purple and cream. It's actually much easier than I expected!

Here is a link that might be useful: Knitability Felted Knapsack

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Just finished the first pair of socks I have knit for my size 11 son. The first one was tighter through the ankle than I liked, so I made the second one a little bigger by knitting the heel taller. (Hope that works.) I just mailed him the second sock with a note that it's the first sock's younger brother, not its twin brother!!

I love hearing about what everyone is doing. I'm a very slow knitter and cannot accomplish as much as I'd like.

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Socks, I have almost finished one sock for DH, with another to go. I use size 2 needles and cast on 72 stitches for his size 11 feet. He has a high instep and this seems to work ok for him. I usually knit both socks at the same time on two seperate needles (magic loop) or, before I started magic loop, two sets of dbl pts. I found if I started them at the same time, I could start them at about the same place in the repeat in the self-striping yarn, so they came out almost identical. If I use a 100g ball, I use a digital kitchen scale and rewind the ball to 50 g, then finish rewinding the rest into a second ball. I don't knit fast either!


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I am crocheting a 1 piece hexagon afghan in
two shades of green.
I just finished a ripple one.

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I have a very short attention span - right now I have three pairs of socks going, a small shawl [but if I like it, i'll get another skein of yarn and make it bigger]. Waiting in the woods I have a couple of vests - both getting close when I get to it. Then I just found a sweater I started in hand-spun yarn, and it looks as if there is enough hand-spun to finish it, if not there is some roving left, so I'll have to haul out the spinning wheel - and that brings me to a whole new list . . . Enough, I'm starting to feel guilty.

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