poncho patterns?

Carol_AnnFebruary 8, 2007

Hi, everyone,

I've been doing needlecrafts for years but am an amateur knitter; did several baby blankets years ago but never did anything more complex. I've done a few scarves to get my needles warmed up again and now I'd like to make a poncho. I'd like it to be in the easy to intermediate category -- a blanket or asymmetrical poncho, probably in a solid color or something "heathered", nothing too skimpy-looking (some of the ones I'm finding are really short)... can you direct me towards a pattern? I don't mind paying for it, but a free one is always nice too :) I thought maybe y'all would know some good patterns; I've looked through a bunch but am not quite finding what I want... many thanks!!

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I forgot to mention, I don't want it to be *too* open -- I want it to actually provide some warmth for cool spring/fall nights... thanks again!

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I don't knit but try this link - I know their Crochet Patterns are great so you should get lucky with their links for knitters. You can also try Lion Brand, Bernat Yarn, Caron, and Coats & Clark for free patterns,

Here is a link that might be useful: Knitting Pattern Central

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What age are you looking for? I do have one for a 2-4 yr old.

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Thanks for the link, profusan... I should find something in there, there are lots of ideas. My problem is I saw one once and didn't write down the pattern and now that's what I'm holding everything else up to :)

Cookie, I was looking for something for an adult (me). I don't have any little ones to knit for just now.

I did find a pattern in a store that I like so I might pick that up. Mainly I want something that allows me to do more than just knit and purl -- some inc/dec and/or a knit pattern of some time -- just to get back into the swing of doing stuff again.

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Do you ever find the McCalls needlepoint and craft magazines? We have several from the mid 60's-70's and they have a wide variety of patterns like this, and very easy. My mom made me a GORGEOUS brown multi poncho for Christmas two years ago. It is two rectangles joined together, with fringe on the bottom. The weave is very closed so it is SO WARM. She did crochet a more open top piece for it, so that you can see a necklace through it. The best part about knitting one in this method is is that you can really control the length. At 6'2" I could not find a poncho in a store that was long enough. Mom could easily fiddle with the pattern to make it long and proportionate. I get so many compliments. I even sewed my own handbag to go with it!


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