Knitting/crochet supplies storage

socksFebruary 4, 2009

You know that collection of stuff we all have--a crochet hook, tape measure, needle sizer, pencil, stitch markers, small scissors, stitch holders, etc., etc.

Where do you keep all this stuff? I use a small clear zippered pouch, but it's a little too small, so I need to step up to something else. What do y'all use to keep these things handy and not scattered?


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A few years ago someone gave me a tiny dresser. It has one long drawer, then below that it is split in half. On the left there are two drawers and on the right there is a cabinet. In the top drawer, I have little bags, boxes and bottles with odds and ends of stitch markers, bits and tiny balls of yarn that I use for stitch/row markers and provisional cast ons, tape measures and rulers, point protectors, stitch holders, darning needles, etc. I got a really good deal on ebay for tiny scissors, so there are about a dozen pair in that drawer as well.

In the two smaller drawers, I keep my zippered sets of knitting needles and crochet hooks and in the cabinet, I keep all of my circular, straight and double pointed needles. Also, I have a dozen small zippered canvas bags (similar to a bank bag, picked up at the 99 cent store!)that I can grab at a moment's notice to use to carry small projects to work on while I'm out. I keep each of these supplied with everything but the project itself - a pair of scissors, some waste yarn, yarn needles, etc.

Although this sounds very organized, I will admit that I am always "looking" for something or other.

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Like Donna said, I also have some nylon zippered top bags that I picked up at a discount store, (they are see thru) and easy to grab when traveling or just for organizing some small stuff. Hope this helps.

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I bought one of those 6 drawer towers on wheels.
It's fantastic.
Now if you want to talk yarn - Rubbermaid Storage containers - they're great. I usually throw a couple of unscented dryer fabric sheets in with the yarn!!
I wish the rest of my house was as organized - oh well.

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Zippered pencil pouches or makeup bags work good. A friend keeps hers in a small basket that she carries with her. Some of my needles are in a pencil pouch, straights are in my tissue basket by my chair (the few I use!), and double points are in a roll I made.

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I have three separate boxes (two of them tin), that are just the right size for my needles.

One box holds all my circulars, which I keep in their original ziplock bags, or in new ones as the orig. wears out.

Another box holds all my double point, and the third box holds all my other paraphernalia like what Donna keeps in her cabinet. Mine is in zipper pouches and small tins.


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I guess I need to just get a bigger clear zipper pouch or even a plastic bag. I'll also get a small flat box for the circulars. Thanks for sharing, everyone.

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I've kept my crochet hooks, misc in a wine bottle box. They are rather tall, and you can pick them up rather cheap. Mine has a rope handle, so I can take with me if I need to.

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The clear zippered pouches that sheet sets and pillow cases and whatnot come in are great for small projects. I have one that's about the size of a small make-up bag that I keep my crochet hooks, needles, stitch markers, small scissors, etc. in. It's great because it's clear and I can tell if what I'm looking for is in there without having to open it and rummage through it. I think it had a scarf in it that came with a sweater I bought years ago. But the ones for pillow cases or window valances are great. We save all those ones for sheets and comforters and use them when we go to the pool or beach for wet stuff or even when we go skiing to tote our wet gloves and hats back in.

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I just had an outrages idea! :)

How about one of those tall glass jars, for storing spaghetti?

Should work for long straight needles.



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I bought cheap toothbrush holders from the dollar store and sorted all my dpn's into those by size then labeled the outside of the holders so I would know what holder held which size dpn. My DGM's sewing box (the kind with legs) holds all my straights and circulars.

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Yeah, but Zipper, even so I loved your idea, most of my double points are longer than the toothbrush holders. Lots of mine came with me from Germany... and they make them longer, and in sets of five needles.


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I was just talking to DH about how to organize my DPN's, and couldn't figure out how to. LOVED that idea so much I got some yesterday to try, WORKED BEAUTIFUL, (for most). Now I just have to label the cases. I still need to figure out what to do with my 000, 0000 (they slide out the air hole...maybe I can just plug that somehow) and the larger DPN's....

Thank you again!!


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I have a bag that I keep my needles in... it's just a celophane bag, that my needle set came in, and each needle size is in it's own bag too. I keep my stich counter, cable needle, yarn needles, stoppers, and a small spindle of cotton thread in a coin purse that zips up. I keep all of my stuff when I'm not using it in a clear rubbermaid tote, pattern books on the bottom, then needles, then yarn on top. I keep my little coin purse, needle sizer/ruler, tape measure, and my working craft in a zippered tote bag that way I can take it anywhere. My yarn stays clean because I can leave it in the tote while I knit.

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Moni I'm sorry your needles don't fit...but I remember you have yours in a lovely wooden box don't you? That's probably neater than my method ;0)

Vickey, I bought this kind without the holes but maybe you could plug the holes in yours with pieces cut out of a milk jug?

I thought I'd take a picture of mine to show you what I am using I got them at the dollar tree last year or the year before I can't remember for sure when but they don't have any holes which makes them perfect for DPN storage ;o) HTH

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Zipper...I wonder if yours isn't....ahem a tampon holder... rather than a toothbrush holder. That may explain why no hole. THe hole would allow the tooth brush to dry and not get moldy. Not that it would matter for the needles!!!


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ROFL @ Vickey and myself ;o)

You maybe right, all I know for sure is I got the whole shebang for a dollar which came as a traveling kit with bottles, and little round tubs with lids. I think there were 6 pieces in the bag and the package said with toothbrush holder, & that was the only thing in there that was long enough for a toothbrush ;0)..........oh dear!

Anyhow, they are long enough for my DPNs and I'll just tell anybody who asks that's what they are lol.....oh goodness what a fine time I could have making people blush *G*

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