Am I the only one that has this prob w/ yarn? LOL

sweets98February 16, 2007

Okay, every winter I really get into crocheting. My only thing is I seem to make nothing but scarves and more scarves!

I see really pretty yarn that I love at the store but can't figure out what to make with them. Sometimes even making a scarf isn't the option because I KNOW they don't match anything so we'll never use them! LOL Or I buy them with the intention of doing something different and then realize I do not have nearly enough yarn to finish!

Our Wal-Mart has some of the "funky" yarns on sale right now and I found many that I really liked but again..didn't know what to do with them. So I bought two that I really liked for a scarf for me and left the others behind..but the're haunting my thoughts now! LOL

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I do the same thing in spurts with my knitting. I always have a project going, but I'm always looking around on the internet for different patterns, and in here also for new ideas. I find something that I like and then I order the yarn and there it sits, because by the time I finish my current project, I have found something else I want to do. I have enough yarn to make a prayer shawl and I was going to make a booga bag and then felt it so I have some noro kureyon and I have oodles and oodles of sugar and cream yarn for making dishcloths. I like to make them in sets and have a few for quick gifts. But yeah, I do like you do, buy the yarn and then wonder what I'm going to do with it. I subscribe to about 5 knitting magazines and there are lots of ideas in those all the time - some of them way too advanced for me, but I pick the ones I think I can handle.

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Unfortunately I think this happens with any craft you get into.
The supplies look all so seductive so you end up buying them without a project in mind and then it sits around and you move on to different things.
Or if you do have something in mind then, as lawmar mentioned, you move on to new and exciting things.
I have just picked up crochet and am on project #4 and so far I have stuck to my motto that I must finish one project before buying supplies for the next.
So far, but as I said I have only done 4 projects so I'm not sure how long it will last :0)
I have seen other forums where they do a craftalong where everyone works on their unfinished projects and post them.
It is a way to get encouragement to finish up things. Anyone interested?

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I have used eyelash yarns for scarves only. Sometimes I add another yarn for warmth. And since I live in southern California, they all get shipped off to DD in San Francisco or her friends or DS in NYC.

I saw baby eyelash yarn on sale at Michael's yesterday. Unlike the other eyelash yarns, it can be machine washed and dried. But I couldn't figure out what to make with it, so I was good and put it back. DD must have 30 scarves I have made, and she does not need another.

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That happens to me too. I find I will do that for a couple of winters and then take one winter and finish all the projects and then I start again. With some of that fancy yarn I have added plain yarn to it and made hats and mittens. They are nice and warm because of the two strands of yarn.

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The fancy yarn is good for trim on sweaters too--like the cuffs and collars. I keep thinking there must be a way to use eyelash yarn to make a muff for a little girl. I always thought they were so cute. I suspect it would never be used.

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You've told my story. I was just looking at the bags and bags of beautiful yarn I've bought, very few with a set purpose in mind. I was putting away one of my many scarves today (two diferent outfits, wore two different scarves) and had trouble stuffing it in with the others. Yes. Scarves are popping up everywhere. But to my credit, I did make two shawls, 3 felted bags, two hats (all for myself) and scarves for a few other people, plus a 1/2 done poncho for great-neice. Another felted bag is in my head for the daughter (who wants no scarves, thank you very much - she lives in Dallas). Sigh...

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Try finding some books on one-skein wonders/patterns.

I'm using up all of my oddball skeins/leftovers of acrylic on an afghan. I'm using all of my leftover wool yarn on a scarf.

Hats are a good way to use up one skein of something.

Good luck,

~ Kit

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I amassed a lot of new acrylic yarn from a town yard sale (33 skiens for $9) and our local Sr. Center thrift shop, and have made Lap robes for nursing homes, small blankets for hospital nurseries, and some for shelters where there are children. Everything donated must be completely machine washable and dryable. I'm a sucker for the 1 lb. Caron with 40% off coupon for afghans for family, and I've found that having 2 or 3 things going at the same time wards off the boredom factor.

However, I am running out of space to keep my stashes. I say I'm going to whittle it down, then buy more ;-)


Here is a link that might be useful: Facilities where you can donate crochet/knitted items

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