Stiff projects

vivionionFebruary 16, 2008

Good morning, everyone! I just finished making a crochet shrug from worsted weight yarn, but it's very stiff and doesn't really "drape" very nicely. I once read about soaking projects in a fabric softener solution to soften them up. Has anyone ever tried this, or does anyone have any suggestions as to how to loosen it up a little...or will just a couple of washings do it? Thanks so much for any info.

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If it is synthetic yarn, wash it and use fabric softener and dry it in the dryer. That will soften it up.

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What yarn did you use? If it's wool, try some hair conditioner. Have you checked your gauge against the gauge on the pattern? If you're knitting at too tight a gauge for the yarn, the fabric will be stiff and not have much drape.

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No, everything is OK as far as that goes, guage was right, fits ok, it was just a kind of stiff yarn to begin with. but I really liked the color!

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Yarn, like fabric, is manufactured with a coating of sizing, which I liken to a light starch. That's what gives it that new, smooth finish. Just wash the item to remove that sizing, and then rinse with a fabric softener. If it is wool or another natural fiber, follow the laundering directions on the label.

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