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shaddy101February 3, 2007

] I found this interesting posting on another site, and got permission from the gal to post in the various forums that I belong to. It got my interest, as I also saw a blurb on the CBS evening news, and have also heard that NBC did it as well. Don't know if they all did it same time, but found it intriguing. I have several WIP afghans, so will try and finish them up, and send off to one of the houses, but be sure and contact first, as the house in my area, said they didn't accept blankets, but to write to the director, and see what they could use. Oh well, intentions are good. Anyone care to join us, and see what a good feeling it brings?


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I've always observed with mild interest the posts about charities that need this or that, but never had one to "bite" me, until now. I saw a story on TV last week about the Fisher House. It's a place sort of like the Ronald McDonald House, only for soldiers that need treatment at the VA hospital, but have no place for them or their families to stay. This house supplies them and their family with a home while they need it. They showed some of the guys and their families, and that was it for me. The houses are funded through private donations and were started by the Fisher family in 1993. They are located near a VA hospital or military base. Here's the website:

Of course, I chose the GA house and have emailed them letting them know I want to make blankets. I need to ask again about female patients. Surely some females come through there, too. Anyway, I thought I would do blankets in male colors and maybe some in prettier colors that could stay with the house on the couches for the comfort of the families. Maybe some shawls for the ladies. Still thinking it through.

I haven't posted this before today as there's a charity for everyone and I'm proof unless one bites you, most people just read with interest and move on. Anyway, this is what I'm starting and it's my first adventure into charity knit or crochet. If I had read about it and not seen the TV story, I doubt it would have taken hold like it did.

I lost my oldest son in a car wreck 14 yrs ago, and the sight of those mothers at their son's bedside just did me in. I was gone right then and there. My little dab of money wouldn't buy a 12 pack of Pepsi, but an afghan will last.

If anyone else is interested in pitching in with me, I have the address where the blanket should be shipped. No sense in shipping anything to me and then me ship to them. That's just double shipping cost. There's other houses besides the one I chose, so you might like to send yours to a house closer to your area.

There should be a email address for any house that strikes you and you can contact them for the info like I did.

Amazing, but they told me nobody else is making blankets for the guys, at least not at the GA house. I think throws and lap blankets are the need for them.

Thanks for taking the time to read all this.


Warm regards, Shaddy :-)

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That's really sweet and a great idea... I know my SIL knits sweaters for kids (a basic pattern is provided and it can be knit out of scraps of yarn for a multi-color sweater, or you can do it all in one color, or whatever) and her church sends them off where they're needed, so there are all kinds of opportunities. A great project for a group or an individual. I guess we just need to open our eyes and look around! Thanks for reminding me that there are others with much more pressing needs than my "wants."

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