Are you lucky?

uxorialDecember 6, 2006

I'm wondering how many lucky forum members are out there. I'm talking about truly lucky--not things that you have at least some control over.

Have you ever won the lottery? A contest or game that didn't require skill? A big jackpot in a casino?

Have you found money or something valuable on the street?

Have you ever been in the right place at the right time to get something fabulous?

Do you carry a good luck charm?

Me? No, I've never won the lottery, but I rarely play. I usually don't win card or dice games either. And the most I've won on a slot machine is about $50. But that was pretty lucky!

The last time I found money on the street it was $10 in a bank withdrawal envelope. It had the guy's name and address on it, so I sent it back to him. I figured anybody who went to a bank to withdraw $10 needed it way more than I did. (On the note I enclosed, I asked him to "pay it forward." I wonder if he did...)

I was definitely in the right place at the right time when I met my husband. That was one of the luckiest days of my life. We just celebrated our 13th anniversary.

I carry a couple small stones in my purse that I consider to be my good luck charms. My husband picked them up on a beach.

Anyone have a good luck story to share?

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I believe that the "energy" you put out into the universe is what you get back. If you are lucky in the game of life it's because you are putting out those vibes.
uxorial, You found a wonderful man because you are a wonderful person and looked for the same. It's the same theory with money or professional success. We become what we believe. If I think I'm a nice person, then that is what I will become. What about the guy that's not really that attractive but he gets all the women. Why is that so, because he believes that he is "all that and a bag of chips". Get it?????
Enough already, no I've never won a lottery, I don't have that kind of luck.

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I have the most fabulous husband a girl could ever want, and two incredible children. When I injured my knees and was unable to do anything for months, they took care of the house and of me. In spite of the upheaval in remodelling, they're very calm and making the most of it.

No one is disappointed that we won't be 'ready' before Christmas. For that I am truly thankful, and very LUCKY! My kids are not even fussing about their bathroom demo which is slated to begin the week of Christmas.

Games, bingo, luck there. But that's okay, I have the best jackpot anyone could ask for :-)

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The closest thing to lucky I've ever seen was when they first started the 5 number lotto in Connecticut, about 13 years ago. I always used to get 5 quick pics for the regular lotto, and the first week they had the 5 number, I did the same with that. That saturday night, as they were calling off each of the numbers as they drew them, my wife was checking them off-- we ended up with 4 numbers out of 5. On the 5th number, we needed a "15", and we had a "17". So, although we won 300.00, we were that close to 100,000.00!! You never saw ANYONE so ticked to win 300.00!! LOL

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I am REALLY lucky. I was diagnosed with a deadly form of cancer in 1972 when I was 15. I wasn't supposed to survive three years - less than 20% chance of long term survival. Here I am - 34 years later - and that's even with a recurrence of the cancer in 1982. I could go on and on about all kinds of various luck I had related to that whole ordeal.

On the other hand I've never won a thing until just this year. My number got drawn for a door prize - mine was the first one drawn so I got my pick of the prizes. I'd been admiring them before the drawing - there was this very cool photo of a loon with baby loon on her back that was taken on the lake where we have a cabin. I was telling this lady (who happened to be the DW of the man who took the photo) how much I liked it and too bad I never win anything. And then they called my number - I screamed I was so shocked. Maybe it's the start of something....I should buy a few lottery tickets....

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You are a survivor and inspiration to all. They say that cancer changes the way that you look at life and the world. Please tell us how your illness has made you the person that you are today.

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I am lucky in an odd sort of way. My good luck generally follows on the heels of what most would say was really bad luck. Overall, my life is blessed because I always end up in a wonderful place. I always believe that will be the case, so I think that accounts for some of it. In that way, I agree with organic donna that your own positive energy can come back to you. Still, there are some things I have to chalk up to pure luck, both good and bad. I don't totally believe that you generate your own fortune; some of it is simply random. I've known some very wonderful people who have been beset by the most awful things and there was no "karma" or subconscious manipulation to make it so. In that regard I have to disagree with organic donna's assertion, but I'm sure she doesn't mean that *all* luck results from the vibes you put out.

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I don't believe that everything that happens in our lives is caused by the vibes we put out. What I was trying to say is that "like attracts like" so you should try and put into the world what you want to get out of it. I am not saying that bad things don't happen to good people, they do happen much too often.

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Thanks, Donna. I had a feeling that's what you meant!

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I have a lucky son. When we wouldn't give him money for candy at his little league games, he'd find change lying on the ground. He'd check pay phones for change & find some. He won the football pool at my husband's office (& paid back the dollar my husband put in to let him play). He went on a winning streak at a fund-raiser craps table. We took him to Shea Stadium for a Mets game, and he caught a T-shirt that was shot into the crowd. At a local football game, he caught one of the promotional footballs thrown into the crowd.

And a couple of years ago, he flipped the minivan on a highway: nobody hit him despite rolling across 3 lanes of traffic; the car landed on a hillside but didn't roll back onto the road; the accident occured near one of the few grassy areas, otherwise he would have slammed into a rock ledge or rolled over a cliff; he only needed stitches in his scalp. (this wasn't luck, it was his guardian angel at work)

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I've had mixed luck in my life. At this point I no longer feel that I am putting out that good vibe which organic_donna has mentioned.

Here's one example of great luck. I was driving to synagogue and was for once early enough to use the parking lot. But there was a bulldozer in the intersection and I got all confused. I ended up parking a few blocks away. I had gone on some sort of exercise binge the day before and my sides were really hurting. Then my major crush walked in and I got a massive tummy ache and decided to leave. Since I had so much extra time due to leaving early, as I was walking to my car I decided to browse the fish at the pet store all those blocks away from the synagogue. There were two cats in a cage in the middle of the pet store. One was mewing pitifully and the other was huddled into a ball as kids and dogs checked out that faily open cage. A lady stopped by and told me that the crying cat was a great cat and I should adopt her. I felt so sorry for these two cats that I did just that. They ended up being 11 year old sisters and with their share of health problems - highly unadoptable. They became my best friends for 4 1/2 wonderful years. If the series of events hadn't happened I wouldn't had such great kitties share my life. Each event led me to these cats. Either my good luck was motivating me, or my two cats had really great luck on their ninth and last life with me.

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I'm pretty good at poker...better than my DH. But I have a great story about his luck.

Back when we were first married and he was still in school and working co-op, he called me about a Red Cross benefit that he saw advertised. Admission was $25 per person. They were giving away a free trip at the top of every hour. I believe there were 3 or 4 trips total. I told him 'No, we can't's just too much money for us right now'. An hour goes by and he calls me again and say, 'honey, we HAVE to go. I had Chinese for lunch and my fortune cookie said that I would soon be crossing great waters'. He sounded so excited, how could I say no. When we got to the event, the head of our local Red Cross was greeting people. My DH went up to him and introduced himself as he went on and on about how he was going to win. He told the guy about his fortune cookie. The man looked at my husband with this 'I'm not sure what to think of nutball!' My DH was and is quite a social butterfly and at times very flamboyant with his stories. So, we hung out with our friends, had some beers and made fun of the winners who went crazy as their names were called and they ran screaming up to the stage.
Around 10:30 I thought it was time to go. I had to work the next day and I was getting sleepy. I said, "Mark, we're not going to win...look, there must be over 1000 people here." And he held up his fortune and said, "there's still the trip to Ft. Lauderdale left and I'M GOING TO WIN IT". I rolled my eyes. We decided to find a table and play some euchre to pass the time. As we were playing we heard our last name (a very unusual ethnic name) and it dawned on all of us. We won the last trip! I got up and jumped up and down and probably screamed more than any of the other winners. DH went up to the stage waving his fortune cookie. You should've seen the look on the Red Cross guy's face. Total disbelief.

Well, it makes for a good story. We had a grand time in Ft. Lauderdale....then stayed another 4 days in Lauderdale-by-the sea!

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I have a secret....just snap your fingers and the "vibe" will change.
Your cats were the lucky ones in your story. It's interesting how fate steps into our lives. Please read the book about the cat that I recommended in my "book" post. It was written just for you.

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I'm very lucky. I survived a massive blood clot in my leg when I was a mere young-un' - about 25 years old. My doctors told me it was the worst case they had ever seen in someone who lived. My hospital room overlooked Forest Lawn cemetary in Burbank. LOL. (I can laugh about that now).

During the next 2 years or so I changed my whole life. I went through a kind of post-traumatic period. It was like the fog was lifted and I finally understood what life was about. I stopped being a passenger in my life and got in the driver's seat.

I quit my job, divorced my husband, moved to the beach and met the love of my life. But not all at the same time!

So I feel like every day is my lottery winnings. I actually feel sorry sometimes for folks who haven't been through that kind of life-altering experience, especially when I see people floundering through their lives, not yet in their "driver's seats"!

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WOW, what an inspiring story. Do you still live on the beach?

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Donna, I still do. Here's

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Oh Gina,
How beautiful and romantic. Where is the beach located? I want to live vicariously through you. Please tell us about how you met the love of your life. Paint us a beautiful picture so we all can believe that true love is out there. That is just so romantic.

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I'm in Los Angeles county. I met my DH at work - he was a consultant. I'd like to tell you some fabulous story but it was rather just fateful and, once again, "lucky".

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