New Heating / Cooling install.

alhhaoisMarch 31, 2013

I just had a new furnace/coil/condenser installed and had a question. I had a number of different estimates given so I felt good about the sizing. Now, with the system in for less than a week I have a question.

I have some shrink wrap up on some windows in the house still and when the furnace starts to blow the pressure in the house changes quickly and the shrink wrap pulls out towards the exterior. When it stops blowing it lets up again just as quickly.

What is this telling me about the pressure in the house and how the HVAC system is acting to have this effect. I don't even to really know how to ask this correctly.

Thanks in advance for any help.

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Are the windows with shrink wrap near the a supply vent? Is the door to this room closed?

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Hey Mike. Room in question is about 12x15. 1 supply vent and 1 return. This happens with door open. It seems like once the blower kicks in on the furnace The pressure is rising quickly inside. I'm just wondering if that would indicate miss-sizing with the ducts and the new furnace.

With the cooling season coming up I don't want to be losing my cold air out.

I have talked to someone that does house audits and I am thinking about having them do a blower door test.

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