Florida - high humidity in house, but cool temp

peabody1March 5, 2008

The humidity in our Florida house will be high in the 70s, but the temperature will be fine and it will be cool outside (except in the summer when it is HOT outside and humid, too). I hate to turn the air conditioner on to remove the humidity. In the summer, it seems like the air conditioner hardly ever shuts off. The electric reflects this, too. We don't want to have a de-humidifier sitting around...don't have the room and don't want to have to mess with it. Anyone have any ideas how to deal with the humidity issue?

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If you fix your homes insulation and air leaks it would cut down alot on high humidity when the AC doesnt need to run in cooler weather. Excessive humidity the way you describe it is caused by too much air getting into your home. If you do this the AC also wont need to run as much during the hot summer. All your baths have proper fans ducted correctly? Kitchen too? Of course the easy way to fix it (but it will cost you) is with a whole house dehumidifier. You can even get them ducted into the hvac so that you wont have to mess with them at all.

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Forgot to mention that we had the house the house built new in 2003, so the house isnt't very old and does have vents in baths and a vent in the kitchen. It just seems like everyday living recreats so much humidity....laundry, dishwasher, etc. The whole house dehumidifier sounds like something to check into. Thanks.

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Yes dehumidification will help you in many ways as stated it is not cheap but indoor air quality and therefore quality of life is most improved by proper humidity control

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Find an experienced Florida certified Home Energy Rater in your area. They are listed on the Florida Solar Energy Center website. We are raters that service the Northeast Florida area. They can diagnosis the problem, accurately measure the air infiltration rates, duct leakage etc. and suggest remedies. Otherwise you will simply be guessing. The high humidity symptoms can be related to a variety things. Dehumidification is the "brute force" approach to get rid of the water once it gets inside. A few hundred spent on diagnostics is well worth it. Fixing the problem my be something relatively inexpensive. Try this slink - http://dbase.fsec.ucf.edu/pls/engauge/engauge_search_rater
Good Luck

Here is a link that might be useful: Florida Raters

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