Quick Individual Chocolate Lava Mud Cake

bcskyeMarch 29, 2012

This is another one from my fellow RVer who posted the 3-2-1 cake. I haven't tried this one yet, but was assured its very, very good.

1 square Bakers semisweet chocolate

2 cups Reddi-Whip whipped topping

1/4 cup Egg Beaters

1/2 cup Betty Crocker Supreme Brownie Mix.

Spray 2 microwavable mugs with pam.

Cut chocolate piece in half and place half in each mug.

Whisk rediwhip; egg beaters; and brownie mix together.

Pour half into each mug.

Bake each mug in the microwave at 1 min 15 or 1 min 30 sec each (until done).

Invert onto plates.

Serve with reddiwhip or ice cream or whatever.

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thanks, Madonna, it does look like a rv quick dessert.

I never have any of those things on hand, but I'm betting my homemade brown mix and an egg in place of the Eggbeaters would work. 2 whole cups of reddi whip, though? Wouldn't that make a lot more batter than 2 cups in the microwave? Or does it "deflate" that much?

My neighbors have a 5th wheel camper, so I've been giving these recipes to her since I camp with a cooler in place of a fridge and no microwave, LOL.


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Annie, I finally got all the ingredients for this except for the Eggbeaters and plan to do it with the egg like you suggested. I would think the Reddi-whip would break down a bit during all of the mixing and baking. It does start to shrink down or delflate or whatever a bit a short while after putting it on anything as a rule. Now, when I get a chance to make these, I'll post my results.

That's exactly how I use to camp, too. But the years got the best of my DH and I and we went first to a travel trailer, then a 5th wheel for more room with the GSD & ASD and more recently a motorhome since I think its too hard for him to hitch up, unhitch and all the other things involved with a trailer. I do still like the camping syle cooking while we're out and we spend a lot of time outdoors instead of sitting inside it watching a tv.

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I have always thought that if you had a microwave, a television, a stove and refrigerator and heater, well, it's not camping. It's something else, I don't know what to call it. RVing, I guess, but it sure is not camping the way I know it.

So, go camping my way and you spend a lot of time outside. Otherwise you sit in the tent on your sleeping bag! I do know what you mean about changing your camping style, I got an airbed to go under my sleeping bag. I just can't sleep on the ground any more. Well, I can, but then I can't get up in the morning. (grin)

I still like to cook over the fire, though, everything just tastes better.


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No, Annie, this isn't the same camping that you do. A lot of the cooking is, though. We used to tent camp all the time and loved it. Heard and watched racoons raiding our cooler and grabbing the marshmallows the neice left out. Stuck in a tent with a huge dog during a terrible storm with lots of high winds and lightening and all the other memorable times. Now, I am nearing 70 and DH isn't far behind. With the physical problems we have, we've had to make adjustments in life and the tent camping days are over for me. We've tried, but it just isn't something I can do any longer. Happy memories, but just not able to do it anymore so I stick with the physical things I can still do like gardening. As I said, DH is younger and still is able to do it, but I don't think for too much longer. He is going to do some of the Appalachian Trail in a month or so since it has been a dream of his. I will be his restocking source at different trailheads for as long as he can keep it up. We'll see how much of it he can do. I support him 100%. I would have tried to do part of it, but he's strongly against it. With my health issues, I'd have a heart attack or stroke very soon after starting. I really wish I could, but I just do what I can and I know that is beyond my capabilities. I don't look so broken, but I am and it can't be fixed. I guess what you would call our camping is the closest we can get to the olden day's camping and we do spend a lot of time doing easier (for me) hiking at the different places we go. Oh, and as much as DH has been the extreme outdoor person for most of his life, he's the one that doesn't want to do the campfire cooking. He says its too much trouble. Eeesh! I had to coerce him into getting me the smoker I wanted for last Christmas.

Anyway, the next time you go camping, think of me and how I'd love to be there with you doing the same things, the same ways.

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Madonna, good luck to your husband on that trek, it's too bad you can't do part of that, but you get to be part of that by being his stand-by and his restocking points.

For some reason I thought you were in your 30s or 40s! I do know what you mean about changing the way things are done, though. I relaized I'd grown up when riding a green broke horse went from "Oh yeah, this is FUN" to "Oh, geez, this is gonna hurt". (grin).

OK, and why will guys fuss over a smoked brisket for 10 hours, or mess with a recalcitrant grill for an hour, but it's too much trouble to cook over a campfire? That is the only way I'll eat a hot dog, charred on a stick over a campfire!


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Thanks for the good luck wishes, Annie.

Well, my mind is still stuck around 40, but I look in the mirror and it scares the heck out of me. Well, looking in the mirror and when I have different physical problems flare up. I don't think I'll ever be old, but my body will be.

I use to ride until a really ornery quarter horse mare named Belle Starr decided to sit down then roll over backwards on my first husband who was riding her. I was in the barn and, you know, there really are screams that are blood curdling. That was back in 1970 or so and I've only ridden once since then.

My DH used to cook over campfires and grills, but for some reason, he won't anymore. Now, he'll pull out his George Foreman in a split second and go to work. I think things taste so much better over an open fire and I love my hot dogs exactly the same way you do.


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