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jlj48August 20, 2014

Well, to make a long story short, we were moving my son into college. Engine died while in route and we were stranded on the side of the road hauling a trailer of his goodies. We called on friends to get his items to his apartment and to take us home, and a tow truck hauled the truck home. Truck seems to be beyond repair. Engine is shot as well as radiator but they are still running tests. Now: what to do with it. I have considered donating it. I have seen online multiple organizations that will come and get it, haul it to an auction and charity will get the proceeds and we would get a tax deduction. However, I have also seen multiple sights that give you a vacation voucher as well, you pay a deposit of $50. and pay the taxes. Has anyone done this? Any recommendations of what to do? TIA

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We've donated two cars over the years. We donated a used one to a local charity. We got a tax deduction for that one but nothing else. Then, a few years later my DH won a new, black, souped-up hot rod. He'd bought a raffle ticket somewhere in town just to support our local Blue Star Mothers. Anyhoo, we donated that car to be auctioned off with all the proceeds going to the national Gold Star Mothers haven house somewhere on the East Coast. Their organization was in the process of building a haven house for families flying in to meet the casket of their military family member killed in action. Where they were building the house was in the town where those flights came in. For us, it was the right thing to do. It was Veteran's Day when they presented it to us . . . and our Army son had just landed in Afghanistan that same day for the start of his second tour of duty.
Blue Star Mothers (mothers of active service members) and the Gold Star Mothers (mothers whose service member son or daughter was killed in action) are two selfless groups I can highly recommend. I've never heard of anyone advertising to give you a vacation voucher for a donated car.

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We donated my last car to an auto mechanic's school and received a receipt for the donation. The water pump had blown and the school came and towed it at no cost to us.

Glad we could help teach new skills to students.

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We have donated all of our vehicles for the past 30 or so years to benefit the Nature Conservancy. Well, all except the car we got rid of this year. We sold that one to a nearly indigent fellow we know for a nominal price (so that he wouldn't feel like it was charity). Some of the vehicles we probably could have sold for more money than they got at auction (and then could have given that amount to NC) but not having to deal with the sale ourselves was worth the difference in price to us.

I've never heard of the vacation voucher thing.

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We donated a boat a few years ago.

Be sure you are dealing with a legitimate charity. And that you sign the title over to that charity.(you don't want anyone driving a vehicle that is still owned by you or your son).

I think that If you receive a vacation for donating anything, the price of the vacation should come off the truck's donated value for the IRS.

Goggle; "car donation vacation voucher scams", the scammers are out there.


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We've donated two cars to our local school system. Several high schools have automotive programs where the kids refurbish the cars and then sell them to the public with proceeds benefitting the school.

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I've never heard of the vacation voucher or such for a donation, but there are so many issues and scams with such things that I'd be really leery of what you might get. I'd feel safer just making the donation, taking the tax credit and getting the vacation you want when, where and how you want it.

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Thanks for the replies so far. It sounds like the vacation thing is probably a scam of some sort. I heard something advertised on the radio or I wouldn't have even heard of it. Not sure if the truck will be able to be driven home. I may need to arrange to have it towed somewhere. Such a disappointment as we were hoping to sell it shortly after moving my son in to help with all of our bills

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If you donate it you won't have to pay for towing. At least around here the company that handles the auction will pick up for free. If you need cash from the sale of the truck you might consider offering it for sale to the place that currently has it. Some will buy for parts or because they can fix it and make a profit. Or have it towed to your house and sell as is.

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I worked for a not-profit that took donated vehicles. The program is run by a third party, who collects the vehicle and auctions it. The charity get a percentage of the sale. Considering that most donated cars and trucks are pretty much old heaps, the charity does not get a lot. Nevertheless, it is something and we were grateful for it.

Definitely work with an established, reputable charity. Steer clear of the vacation voucher.

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