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katie49_2007December 12, 2007

My oven died in my kitchen and everything else is falling apart because it's almost 30 years old. I need help deciding what kind of appliances to go with as well as the kind of counters, floor, and cabinets. My kitchen is about 10ft by 14ft. and is open to my great room that is entirely panelled in birch. Currently my counters are green solid surface, floor is green lenoleum, cabinets are oak. There are two windows one on the 10ft wall and one on the 14 ft. wall. they are new and about 4 ft. wide. I need to replace the oven, dishwasher, stovetop, refrigerator too. I also want to do something with the lighting.I have the traditional height ceiling. Help...where do I start???

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Hi Katie...welcome to the site! It sounds like you're planning a major remodel!

Ahhh...where to start?!!

First step: Take the "Sweeby Test" It will help you define what it is you want out of your remodel (besides new "things").

Next, evaluate your current kitchen...what works, what doesn't AND what do you like, what don't you like (not always the same thing!) How many people will be working in the kitchen? Do you have children? These are just a few of the questions to ask yourself. See Beginning a Kitchen Plan

* Start thinking about your budget


Layout: Once you've figured out what it is you want from your new kitchen, it's time to start thinking about the layout itself.

* The best place to start is to draw up your kitchen (to scale, if possible) without cabinets & appliances.

* If you cannot move plumbing or gas, mark them on your drawing as well.

* Mark all doorways & windows (w/dimensions) and label them as to where they lead. If they're actual doors, mark how they swing.

* It also would be helpful to see the connecting rooms, even layouts so you see how they interact with the kitchen and/or extend the kitchen feel and flow.

Make a list of things like:

* What is your goal E.g., more counter space, more storage, seating in the kitchen (island? peninsula? table?), etc.

* Do you plan to merge two rooms/areas (e.g., Nook and Kitchen into a Kitchen only)

* Where are you flexible?
.....Can windows or doorways change size?
.....Can they be moved?
.....Can windows be raised/lowered?
.....Can any walls come down?
.....Does the sink have to be centered under a window?
.....Does it have to be under a window at all?

* Do you bake? Do you want a coffee/tea/beverage center?

* What appliances do you plan on having (helps to figure out work flow, work zones, and types of cabinets...upper/lower vs full height, etc.)
.....Range or Cooktop?
.....Single or Double or no Wall Oven?
.....Warming Drawer?
.....MW? (Advantium, drawer, OTR, countertop, built-in, shelf?)
.....DW? Standard or drawers? If drawers, 1 or 2?
.....Refrigerator CD or standard depth?
.....Vent Hood?
Sizes of appliances (e.g., 30" or 36" or 48" cooktop; 36" or 42" or 48" wide or other Refrigerator? etc.)

* Pantry: Walk-in or cabinets?

***** Very Important *****

Is there anything you:
* Can't live without?
* Definitely don't want?
* Would like if we can find a way?

We can help you with your layout without this information, but it will be closer to what you want if we have it. Sometimes we stray from what you think you want to give you some ideas that you might not have thought of, but it's your kitchen and you can veto anything...we may argue for something (we're good at that!), but in the end it's what you want. And remember, nothing is ever cast in stone here and in the end when you finalize your design it's whatever you, your SO, and whoever else has a say decides on!


BTW...If/When you decide to through with it here, you will get many more responses if you post on the Discussions side...that side is much more active!

Good luck and welcome the world of TKO (Totally Kitchen Obsessed!)



Here is a link that might be useful: Kitchen Forum FAQ

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thanks a million...I will go over your lists and talk to you when I have more definite plans. Katie

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If you start reading the Discussions side as well as the Appliances Forum, you will get a feel for what's out there, pros & cons, etc. You'll also see many of us agonizing over this or that decision...everyone is at a different point in their remodel!

Discussions cover almost any topic imaginable!


Countertops (natural stone, engineered stone, solid surface, laminate, wood, etc.)

Cabinets (styles, type, wood, stain, glaze, paint, etc.)

Flooring (tile, wood, linoleum, vinyl, etc.)

Lighting (under cabinet, recessed, pendant, fluorescent, halogen, xenon, etc.)

...the list goes on!

Take it one step at a time and don't rush if you don't have'll get through it!


Here is a link that might be useful: Appliances

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